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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Are you busy today? How about demonstrating against illegal immigration

If you're in Israel and you're not too busy today, you may want to consider going out to Metzudat Zev, the Likud party headquarters in Tel Aviv, where a group of activists is going to be demonstrating against the onslaught of illegal African 'refugees' in Tel Aviv and Ashdod. According to Anna, here's what's been going on:
My name is Anna and for the last year or so I started co-operating with Southern Tel Aviv and Ashdod residents in their plight to fight the illegal immigration which plagues their cities. Since then the situation has worsened even more.

I believe there's no city/town left in Israel today which isn't infiltrated by illegals.

So why I'm now trying "levalbel leha et hamoah"? [Literally - to mess up your head. CiJ]

I think that your blog is pretty popular in the Jewish English-speaking community here and abroad. You write about the burning matters of our reality and I believe this issue is definitely one of them.

We try desperately to push the issue to the journalists, but so far there were very few we could reach and who respond and try to put it in the public light. Though there was one pretty fair account of Dani Kushmaro this Saturday on arutz 2, yet it's more like a stand out than norm and isn't enough.

One of the main problems we discovered was the immense financing, mostly by foreign private funds and well-off Jews from abroad, for the so called "enlightened" organizations which support the illegal net here by all means possible. [Emphasis mine. CiJ]

I wanted to ask - can you publish such kind of information in your blog for all the English-speaking bloggers to see and spread the information?
Or you can give me some tip on how to do it?

This is the link to our latest co-operation with "My Israel" :

Not three minutes after I opened Anna's email, someone else (whom I know personally) sent me the Channel 2 video report. It's in Hebrew, but let's go to the videotape and then I'll put some highlights below the fold.

The report is about a decade-long study done by the National Security college at Haifa University.

Only 5% of the illegal immigrants come from Darfur and under a UN mandate cannot be sent back because their lives would be endangered. The other 95% are from assorted African countries (Eritrea, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Congo, Cameroon, Senegal, Mali and others were mentioned) and from Iraq. They pretend to be from Darfur to avoid being deported immediately. They may legally be returned to their home countries. They are just looking for economic opportunities in Israel (which is how we got stuck with the 'Palestinians' 80-100 years ago). In all, 20,000 illegal immigrants arrived here between 1999 and 2009. (That's the equivalent - based on our relative population - of 8,000,000 illegal immigrants in a 10-year period in the US).

30% of the illegal immigrants are AIDS carriers.
10% of them have tuberculosis.
50% of the cases of tuberculosis in Israel come from these African illegals.

Prison workers who have come in contact with these Africans have become infected with tuberculosis, and the United Nations has forbidden its employees from coming into contact with the refugees as a result.

By the way, the barbed wire in the sand (not snow) is the Egyptian-Israeli border. Yes, that's all we have right now.

And you thought you had it bad with the Mexicans in the US....

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