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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sending a message to Turkey

Israel is planning to send a message to Turkey this week - by conducting military exercises in Cyprus.
Israel is expected to conduct military exercises in Cyprus the next few days, a move considered as a message to Turkey.

The Cypriot daily “Fileleftheros” reveals that the Israeli Air Force will conduct an exercise that will include air refueling of aircraft in the Nicosia FIR in coordination with the Cypriot government.


Furthermore, Israeli helicopters will approach Cypriot airports and specifically the Cypriot airbase in Paphos, performing some touch and goes.

A special Israeli aircraft has lately collected data for the airports in Cyprus, regarding the routes, altitudes and in general safety procedures for approaching helicopters, and has determined the potential landing points for any type of aircraft.
I can't wait to hear the Turks howl to the UN.

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