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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More details on Shalit deal

Israel Radio is reporting that Marwan Barghouti, Abdullah Barghouti and Hassam Salameh - all leaders of the intifadeh - will not be freed (The New York Times says Marwan Barghouti will be freed). But Amana Mona and Ahlam Tamimi will be freed. Israel Radio also reports that Hamas supporters in Gaza are disappointed that Hamas didn't get more.

Israel Radio also reports that some of those released will be deported.

Israel Radio reports that General Security Service head Yoram Cohen says that the names mentioned above will not be included, nor will Ahmed Saadat (murderer of Tourism Minister Rechavam Zeevi) or the planners of the Seder Night (Park Hotel) massacre.

Israel has not agreed not to kill any of the terrorists in the future if they return to terrorism.

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At 12:21 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

I'm outraged at it!

But what's really revolting is Israel's undertaking not to kill freed terrorists if they kill more Jews!

Like I said, HELL NO! This is not a good deal!

At 12:59 AM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...

Norman F,

I don't like the deal either, but no such undertaking. Just the opposite. Read the post again.

At 2:12 AM, Blogger Jesterhead45 said...

As I mentioned on another site, how can we be sure that Gilad is even still alive?


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