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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Hamas threatens more kidnappings

Hamas is threatening to abduct more IDF soldiers to use as bargaining chips for the release of terrorists in Israeli jails.
A senior Hamas official warned Monday that Israel's continued refusal to elasticize its position regarding the Shalit prisoner deal will not prompt the group to "bow to Israeli pressure," but fuel the abduction of more Israeli soldiers for Hamas to use as bargaining chips.

"More of Shalit's kind are coming," Hamas lawmaker Ismail al-Ashqar said in Gaza, adding that the "effort to kidnap soldiers will continue until all prisoners are freed."

Gilad Shalit was abducted by Gaza terrorists in June 2006. Hamas is seeking the release of more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in return for his freedom; including some who Israel considers an extreme threat to public safety – and therefore is refusing to include them in any such prisoner exchange.

Israel and Hamas' differences on the Shalit deal have often been described as "unbridgeable," as talks have stalled time and again. Egypt's Al-Ahram newspaper reported Monday that German mediator Gerhard Conrad was in Cairo once again, to try and broker a breakthrough that would secure the release of the captive soldier.
I trust that the IDF is training soldiers to avoid kidnappings. But it's a pity the IDF didn't go into Shifa Hospital during Operation Cast Lead and bring Shalit out (he was being held with the top Hamas officials who were hiding in a bunker under the hospital).

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