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Sunday, September 18, 2011

What if they held a 'million man march' and only a few hundred came

Shavua tov, a good week to everyone.

The 'million man march' outside the Israeli embassy in Amman on Thursday night turned out to be a big flop.
An al-Jazeera reported on the scene reported that the number of demonstrators was much lower than the organizers expects, even though the crowd increased after a group of Islamic protesters joined the rally following the evening prayer at a nearby mosque.


For the past week, a Facebook page has been calling Jordanians to attend a "million-man march" towards the Israeli embassy in Amman. Jordan's seven opposition groups announced that they will join the protest, and so did the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood branch.

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At 3:31 PM, Blogger alexb said...

Speaking of flops,there was a protest in support of a palestinian state held in front of the Israeli consulate in Toronto on friday.
According to reports,"Six people showed up including a token Arab"


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