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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The World court will render its judgment, then let's see them enforce it

It's been a long time since we talked about the S-300 anti-missile system. The S-300 is a Russian missile system that Iran thought it bought in 2007 to protect its nuclear facilities. After numerous rumors that the sale was on again and off again (including a claim that the Russians delivered parts), the Russians finally canceled it in September/October 2010 and refunded the Iranians' deposit. Now, the Iranians have filed a lawsuit in the International Court of Justice demanding that the Russians supply the weapons systems.
Russia and Iran, however, claimed that UN Security Council Resolution 1929 did not apply to the S-300 system because it was not listed specifically in the text. The resolution, passed on June 9, 2010, imposes sanctions on Iran for harboring a secret nuclear weapons program and failing to comply with requests by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to inspect nuclear facilities. It prohibits economic and military cooperation with the Islamic Republic, thereby prohibiting the sale and delivery of the weapons system.

"The S-300 missile is not in contradiction with any international commitments of the two sides (Iran and Russia) and the issue is clearly emphasized in the deal, on the other hand the date of delivery of the missile system was two years before the adoption of the UN Security Council recent resolution against Iran," Iranian Minister of Defense Brig.-Gen. Ahmad Vahidi told Azerbaijan's Trend News Agency in October 2010.

Although Russia originally assured Iran that it would deliver the system, considerable Western pressure eventually convinced Moscow to cancel the deal.
Even if the Iranians win,, how do they think they're going to enforce a judgment against Russia. There is no way they will be able to enforce it. Heh.

For anyone wondering, I took the three youngest kids for a short hike and swim this afternoon. hence the lighter than usual posting.

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At 11:18 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The World Court ruled against Israel's security wall in 2006 and Israel ignored it. It can issue a ruling but both parties have to abide by it and a sovereign state cannot be forced to do anything.

The same thing will happen here even if Iran does win, it won't be able to collect on the judgment from Russia.


At 3:46 AM, Blogger Eema to 3 said...

Russia could do a high speed delivery of the missiles, direct to the reactor sites.


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