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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where's Amnesty?

Hamas and its cohorts fired more than 100 rockets at Israeli civilians since Thursday. One group that has been silent about that rocket fire is one of the world's premiere 'humanitarian' organizations, Amnesty International.
NGO Monitor takes them to task. Prof. Gerald Steinberg, NGO Monitor president, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday that “instead of issuing a strong condemnation of the August 18 Palestinian terror attacks, Amnesty International’s statement draws a false equivalence between cold-blooded murder and self defense that targeted those responsible.”

He added that “from Amnesty’s statement, one has no idea that terrorists walked up to a car and brutally murdered the four passengers. Amnesty has immorally treated both the murders and the self-defense response as ‘indiscriminate and disproportionate.’ In obscuring the facts on the ground, Amnesty again makes a complete mockery of international law and human rights values.”

Citing media reports that the assailants were dressed in Egyptian military uniforms and their illegal entry into Egypt and Israel, NGO Monitor said the attacks represent a “violation of international humanitarian law. If the terrorists indeed originated from Gaza, they also violated the sovereignty of both Egypt and Israel, a detail that was also ignored by Amnesty.”

NGO Monitor criticized Amnesty for not condemning “the more than 100 rockets launched from Gaza into Israel over the weekend, killing one and injuring dozens” or acknowledging that “10 of the 13 Palestinians killed were terrorists, and that the other three were with the terrorists at the time of their death.”

When asked about NGO Monitor’s criticisms, Susanna Flood, director of media at the London-based headquarters of AI, wrote the Post on Monday, saying, “We deplore and have repeatedly condemned the firing of indiscriminate rockets from Gaza into southern Israel. We also deplore and condemn killings of Palestinian civilians when these result from indiscriminate attacks by Israeli forces in breach of the laws of war.


AI titled its news release “Civilians At Risk Amid New Attacks in Gaza and Israel” and the statement did not contain any references to Israel’s right to defend its border against terror attacks.

Steinberg told the Post that “without any evidence, Amnesty officials also imply that Israel is in violation of the prohibition of ‘harming civilians.’ In fact, the evidence demonstrates that Israel’s response was extremely precise – targeting the terrorists responsible for the murderous attacks. In the rush to condemn Israel, Amnesty distorts the events beyond recognition.”

AI has long draw criticism from pro- Israel advocates because of the NGO’s reported bias against Israel and the organization’s association with radical Islamic terrorists. Last year, the head of AI’s Finland branch, Frank Johansson, defended his description of Israel as a “scum state” in an interview with the Post.

Johansson later apologized to Israel’s Ambassador to Finland but was ostensibly not disciplined by AI for his anti-Israel rhetoric.

AI sponsored speaking engagements for Moazzem Begg, whom the United States called “a confirmed member of al-Qaida.”

According to the British daily Telegraph news blogger, Michael Weiss, “now Amnesty has taken the next step in its easy-breezy attitude towards religious fundamentalism.

The celebrated NGO has cozied up to a Hamas-friendly magazine based in London known as Middle East Monitor Online.”
Read the whole thing.

God must have a plan because there is no other explanation for this obtuse organization being regarded as 'humanitarian.'

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