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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Syrian dissident: Peace with Israel possible

A Syrian Kurdish opposition leader has told the Jerusalem Post that peace between Israel and Syria would be possible in a post-Assad era.
“We have a new vision for Syria – a federal Syria, a just Syria – not an Arab republic – that is inclusive, whether you’re Kurd or Arab, Christian or Muslim,” said Sherkoh Abbas, president of the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria (KNAS).

He said a country as homogeneous as Syria is best suited to a federal model, in which areas with high minority populations enjoy certain powers not wielded by the national government.

The new Syria that Abbas envisions would be at peace with all of its neighbors, including Israel.

“Many Syrian religious and tribal leaders who are now part of the Syrian Democracy Council have no problem recognizing Israel and making peace,” he said. “They want to focus on Syria, and they have problems replacing one dictator with another – whether that’s Islamists or another group.”

Abbas dismissed the notion that because Assad has kept the Syrian-Israeli border largely quiet during his reign, the Syrian president is somehow a force for regional stability.

“Look at Hamas and Hezbollah.

Is Israel more stable today, or its borders more secure?” he said. Syria is a major sponsor and arms supplier for both radical groups, and a close ally of Iran.

“The only people who benefit from this regime staying in power are Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and other organizations that promote terrorism. Everyone else will win by removing this regime,” he said.

Of all Syrians, he said, Kurds are among the most favorably inclined to Israel. “Kurds in general have absolutely no problem with Israel. Israelis don’t kill us; they don’t take our land or oppress us. Why would we have a problem?” he said. “As for Kurdish religious leaders, they often say that the Koran says Israel belongs to the Jews, who are God’s chosen people, so why we should fight them? Even atheists say why should we fight the fight of Arab nationalism, which uses Islam to serve its own needs? We don’t want to fight – Jews are God’s people as well.”
You will note that every time you read a story like this, you do not see what the territorial demands are. Obviously, that's a key issue. So far, I have not seen any Arab political party - even an opposition party - that's willing to compromise on land demands.Hmmm.

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At 2:21 AM, Blogger Editor said...

I have not seen any JEWISH political party that's willing to RIGHTFULLY answer on islamic land demands:

"Dear Syria,

You can stop demanding the golan and we will promise not to bomb Damascus into rubble.

As a matter of fact, when you publicly acknowledge the Golan is forever in Israel, cut your support for Hamas and Hezbullah, end your agreements with Iran and throw the Russians out of your ports, Israel will sign a treaty with Syria guaranteeing Syria's safety and we will export our farming aid and other technology to you."


At 11:32 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

A weak, federal democratic Syria is in Israel's best interests.

The fall of the Assad dictatorship would bring an end to the Pan Arab ideology of the Ba'ath.

It would break up the Shiite Crescent stretching from Iran to Lebanon.

The big losers would be Hezbollah and Hamas.

We can't wait for the inevitable denouement. The downfall of the Assad regime is simply a matter of time.


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