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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mom's yahrtzeit

I mentioned on Friday afternoon that there would not be an overnight music video on Saturday night. Saturday night and Sunday, the 21st day of the Jewish month of Av, are the yahrtzeit (anniversary of the death) of my mother, Chana Rivka bat Leib David HaLevi, a"h (may she rest in peace). The day on which one has yahrtzeit for a parent is treated like a day within the year after that parent's death, which means that we do not listen to music on that day. Since I can't listen to music, I cannot choose a video for you.

Mom would have loved this blog by the way. She was very 'into' Israel. She visited here more than ten times (and canceled a couple of other trips when she or Dad - he should live long and be well - were not able to travel).

The picture is Mom holding my youngest son in the summer of 2004. Unfortunately, he has no memory of my mother (and the brother above him doesn't really remember her either).



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