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Monday, August 08, 2011

Bushehr delayed again

The opening of the Bushehr nuclear power plant has been delayed once again. Maybe even the Russians have realized that allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons is a danger to the world? (Hat Tip: Challah Hu Akhbar).
The reformist Aftab daily on Monday quotes Asgar Jalalian, a member of the parliament's special committee on the plant, as saying that Iran has already paid at least twice the expected costs for the 1,000 megawatt plant. Russia's Rosatom is building the facility.

Jalialian says the committee doubts the plant will come on line by August, as promised.

Moscow and Tehran signed a US$1 billion contract to start building Bushehr in 1995. Its 1999 completion date has been repeatedly pushed back.

In June, Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said the plant was finished and could begin generating electricity in August.


The Bushehr plant has faced repeated delays, angering Tehran and fuelling speculation that Moscow has used it as a lever in diplomacy over Iran's nuclear program, which the United States and others say they fear is a front for weapons development.

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rebono shel olam willing Iran will suffer 100x Nagashima


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