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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Video update on flotilla of fools

On Tuesday, the Greek Coast Guard stopped a Swedish boat - the Juliano - from departing for Gaza. It wasn't much of a contest.
Israeli expat Dror Feiler told Ynet that the ship "was cleared to set sail this afternoon, but shortly afterwards the Greeks changed their mind.

"We tried sailing anyway, but there are navy ships waiting for us and a ship with media representatives covering the story. I guess who ever is in charge was given orders from high up. We're waiting to see what happens next," he said.

Here's a video update on the flotilla of fools.

Let's go tot he videotape.

In the meantime, Israel got surprising support from a member of the German Bundestag.
Philip Missfelder, the foreign policy spokesman of the German political parties the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its sister party the Christian Social Union (CSU), said in a statement on Tuesday that the so-called Gaza flotilla activists “endanger peace efforts” and their action is “part of the asymmetrical warfare against Israel.”

In what appears to be the strongest statement yet from an MP in the Bundestag, Germany’s parliament, on the aim of pro- Palestinian activists to break Israel’s naval blockade of Hamas controlled Gaza, Missfelder said this action is “not about humanitarian help, rather a confrontation with Israel.”

Missfelder is the foreign policy spokesman of the largest combined group of MPs (238) in the parliament. He said that the flotilla does not help the peace process but is an obstacle to peace, and that the activists are working against the goals of both the Quartet and Germany herself, in her role as a member of the UN Security Council to advance peace.

“I welcome that the Greek authorities have decisively intervened as some activists set sail without permission,” said Missfelder.

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