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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Obama campaign preparing big offensive for Jewish community

The Obama campaign is preparing a big offensive to shore up its support - and financial contributions - from the Jewish community (Hat Tip: Ben Smith).
A group of well-known figures in the Jewish community has been in discussions with senior Obama adviser David Axelrod about how to respond to the criticism, which is expected to intensify as the campaign heats up. Among them: Alan Solow, the former head of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations; former Congressmen Mel Levine and Robert Wexler; and executive Penny Pritzker.

“We will have highly credible spokespeople and surrogates speak out in a general manner in support of what this administration has done, and articulate it in a way that we think will resonate with voters who care about this issue,” Solow said in an interview. “We will meet with supporters who have expressed concerns or want to be briefed on these issues on a one-on-one basis.”

“We got close to 80 percent of the vote among Jewish Americans in 2008, but we had to aggressively bat down efforts to divide the community and to inflame,” David Axelrod told me. “Plainly we have to be at least as assiduous about it this time. If we’re passive in response it would be a mistake.”

Politico reported this week that many Jewish Dems and donors are privately expressing doubts about Obama’s Mideast policies. But the piece was largely anecdotal, and a recent Pew poll found that a plurality of Americans who identify themselves as sympathetic to Israel think his Mideast policies get the balance right between Israelis and Palestinians. And pundits have been predicting that Obama is perpetually on the verge of losing Jewish support since before the 2008 election.

But the difference now, Obama’s supporters say, is that conservatives are having some success in distorting his record. Obama supporters do in fact worry about the concerns conservatives have succeeded in sowing among Jewish Democrats, and they expect conservatives to invest substantial resources in continuing that effort.

“I can’t deny that people express to me concerns about the president’s policies,” Solow said. “But when I run through the record with them, they are by and large convinced that the president’s policies are correct.”

The effort to make this point, I’m told, will also be proactive, with surrogates publishing op ed pieces that represent the White House’s point of view. And it will include a renewed effort to highlight other aspects of Obama’s record that have gone under-discussed, like increased military cooperation between Israel and the United States.
Useful idiots all of them. No President has ever had approval ratings in Israel that are as low as Obama's. Does anyone really believe that all Israeli Jews are fools?

These people are looking for an excuse to base their vote on abortion rights rather than on the continued existence of a State of Israel. And the Obami will happily help them salve their consciences.

What could go wrong?

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At 9:13 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Since Obama seems to be exaggerating the weight of the Jewish vote, the general public needs to realize that the Jewish population in the entire U.S. is less than 7 million people (total, not just voters) out of a total U.S. population of about 312 million people. So for Obama's team to try to put some pressure on the U.S. Jewish population to come through with votes is an absurd calculation. Along with this sort of scapegoating, I'm thinking Obama is looking to the U.S. Jewish community to give him cover for having turned over the apple cart in the Middle East and Africa in favor of the marxist caliphate effort... He may also be looking for more $$$ for his campaign coffers. Or shall we call it his "campaign coffins" - the U.S. Jews are not defending their own safety, much less logical interests.

At 9:22 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

Are his "Jewish "
Supporters inmarried

At 11:20 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

The DoD Secy Gates retirement ceremony from Thursday is on CSPAN and there is President Obama giving a campaign speech.

At 1:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So we have one ex-Prez of the Conference, well that's a plus, and then, oh, two political hacks and a lefty our-religion-is-our-status big bucks JINO Obama fund raiser.

Not exactly gravitas.

And no, those "distortions" are just after-the-fact observations along the line of "hey, didn't Obama just throw Israel under the bus again?"


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