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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Islamic Emirates of Britain

A group calling itself the Islamic Emirates Project is seeking to turn 12 British cities, including one called Londonistan (presumably with a hat tip to Melanie Phillips, who wrote a book by the same name), into independent Islamic Emirates.

It is envisioned that the 12 territories targeted - Birmingham, Bradford, Derby, Dewsbury, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Manchester, Sheffield, as well as Waltham Forest in northeast London and Tower Hamlets in East London - will eventually live entirely under Shari'a law.

The project was launched on July 7, the sixth anniversary of the murderous 7/7 London terror attacks, in which 52 people were killed and over 800 wounded.

This is from their founding announcement:
"In the last 50 years, the United Kingdom has transformed beyond recognition. What was once a predominantly Christian country has now been overwhelmed by a rising Muslim population, which seeks to preserve its Islamic identity, and protect itself from the satanic values of the tyrannical British government.

"There are now over 2.8 million Muslims living in the United Kingdom – which is a staggering 5% of the population – but in truth, it is more than just numbers, indeed the entire infrastructure of Britain is changing; Mosques, Islamic Schools, Shari'ah Courts and Muslim owned businesses, have now become an integral part of the British landscape.

"In light of this glaring fact, Muslims Against Crusades have decided to launch "The Islamic Emirates Project," that will see high profile campaigns launch in Muslim enclaves all over Britain, with the objective to gradually transform Muslim communities into Islamic Emirates operating under Shari'ah law.

"With several Islamic emirates already well established across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, including Iraq and Afghanistan, we see this as a radical, but very realistic step in the heart of Western Europe, that will inshaa'allah (God willing), pave the way for the worldwide domination of Islam."
They have issued a strategy document entitled Islamic Prevent 2011: Preventing Secular Fundamentalism and the Occupation of Muslim Land, which includes the following chapter headings:
Chapter 1 states: "The Only Identity for Muslims is Islam … In no shape or form can a Muslim support any form of nationalism such as promoting Britishness." Chapter 4 states: "A Muslim can only abide by Sharia and is not allowed to obey any man-made law." Chapter 5 states: "Muslims must reject secularism and democracy," terms which are "completely alien to Islam and against the basic tenets of Islam." Chapter 10 states: "Every Muslim must call for Sharia to be implemented wherever they are." Chapter 12 states: "It is not allowed for Muslims to integrate with a non-Islamic society." Chapter 13 states: "Muslims should set up Islamic Emirates in the United Kingdom." Chapter 14 states: "Any Muslim who opposed the policies in this pamphlet should be confronted." Chapter 16 states: "Any Muslim who has been affected by the Western way of life need to be rehabilitated."
If you happen to enter one of these areas, you are likely to find signs reading "You are entering a Sharia controlled zone: Islamic rules enforced." The signs might look like the one at Left.

And if you're a lady, being in an Islamic Emirate in Britain will do wonders for your marriage prospects.
Meanwhile, Britain is struggling to combat a cycle of Islamic honor-related kidnappings, sexual assaults, beatings and murder that is spiralling out of control. According to the London-based Association of Chief Police Officers, up to 17,000 women in Britain are victims of honor-based violence – forced marriages, honor killings, kidnappings, sexual assaults, beatings, female genital mutilation and other forms of abuse – every year. This figure is 35 times higher than official figures suggest, and British detectives say it is "merely the tip of the iceberg" of this phenomenon.
What could go wrong?

Read the whole thing.

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At 6:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carl, how can you post a fairy story like this? The source of this (hudson.org) is a neo con outfit.

The guy behind this cowboy outfit (Anjem Choudary) is a favourite that Islamophobes like to trot out. He is believed to be an agent provocateur or a double agent, even one of them. He is no rep of British Muslims, and tries to milk whatever publicity he can for his f*** up views. Everytime an Islamophobe wants to show how intolerant Muslims are, they trot out this as***hole

What pray tell, does "a United Emirates of Britain" have have to do with Israel?

At 9:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wah! Wah! Wah!

Neocons! Islamophobes! Right wing extremists!

Wah! Wah! Wah! Cries Muslima Chayma again again.

Islam is an illness. The already existing "no go zones" of Britian, already in existence for several years, are the symptoms of much worse things to come - in Britain and throughout Eurabia first. America and Canada, you're next!

At 10:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The already existing "no go zones" of Britian, already in existence for several years, are the symptoms of much worse things to come - in Britain and throughout Eurabia first. America and Canada, you're next!


I trust you read the fairy story that Mad Mel (as the mainstream media in Britain call her) wrote, "londonistan"?

Tch Tch, did she tell you of the no go area's that exist in the non Muslim communities, far far worse?

No? I thought not!

Did she also tell you that a lot of the go go area's were created by Muslims?

No? I thought not!

and i can go on and on...but you get my point, I hope.

At 7:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think they should call for sharing London as their new Capitol.

At 1:15 PM, Blogger Matt said...

F*cked up views Chayma?

You mean views like "Islam created western civilisation"?

10 points to the first person who can guess who said that!

At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You mean views like "Islam created western civilisation"?

Yup indeed! That is a fact, not a f*** up view Matt. You wouldn't be sitting at your computer typing, if we hadn't discovered Algebra. You owe Islam an immense debt of gratitude.

R. Briffault: The Making of Humanity.

"There is not a single aspect of European growth in which the decisive influence of Islamic civilization is not traceable"

"It is highly probable that but for the Arabs modern European civilisation would never have arisen at all; it is absolutely certain that but for them,
it would not have assumed that character which has enabled it to transcend all previous phases of evolution."

Matt, you need to check out FSTC, some of the priceless gifts Islam gave humanity, from Algegra to musical notation, and everything inbetween,

Islam the gift that never stops giving. No wonder the Prophet is the most influential man in history, and the Quran the most influential book in history.

Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC)


At 7:27 AM, Blogger I am muslim said...

hehe you ur so good Chayma.... :D


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