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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

If Breivik is 'Islamophobic' why did he target blonde, blue-eyed Norwegians?

I have not seen anywhere a list of those murdered by Anders Behring Breivik in Norway last Friday. But as I have noted, the mainstream media is playing up this incident as an instance of 'Islamophobia.'

Is there a connection between those two sentences? I suspect that there is. I suspect that the reason that the list of those who were murdered has not been released is because there was not a single Muslim among them. Breivik hated a lot of people. And he decided to murder a whole lot of blue-eyed, blonde Norwegians to show it. But that, of course, doesn't fit the mainstream media's preferred narrative.

Here's Mark Steyn.
Breivik’s manifesto seems to be determining the narrative in the anglophone media. The opening sentence from USA Today:
Islamophobia has reached a mass murder level in Norway as the confessed killer claims he sought to combat encroachment by Muslims into his country and Europe.
So, if a blonde blue-eyed Aryan Scandinavian kills dozens of other blonde blue-eyed Aryan Scandinavians, that’s now an “Islamophobic” mass murder? As far as we know, not a single Muslim was among the victims. Islamophobia seems an eccentric perspective to apply to this atrocity, and comes close to making the actual dead mere bit players in their own murder. Yet the Associated Press is on board:
Security Beefed Up At UK Mosques After Norway Massacre.
But again: No mosque was targeted in Norway. A member of the country’s second political party gunned down members of its first. But, in the merest evolution of post-9/11 syndrome, Muslims are now the preferred victims even in a story in which they are entirely absent. A Tweeter thinks that “turning this scumbag’s atrocity in Norway into a lesson about how Mark Steyn and his ilk are douchebags seems… opportunistic,” but that’s the least of it. Even by the elastic definitions of “Islamophobia,” the angle being pursued is bizarre and profoundly tasteless: A rambling Internet pdf is trumping the facts on the ground — trumping the specifics of what occurred, and the victims. This man Breivik may think he’s making history and bestriding the geopolitical currents and the clash of civilizations, but in the end he went and shot up his neighbors. Why let his self-aggrandizing bury the reality?
If Breivik hadn't written his manifesto, they would have had to invent it for him.

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At 3:08 AM, Blogger biorabbi said...

This guy is insane. What on earth does anti-Jihad activities have to do with culling young white, blue-eyed socialist youth at summer camp? He's nuts. The ideology he subscribes to is immaterial. He could just have easily been a deranged Islamist, anarchist. That he "likes" Pam Gellar is also as relevant if Lee Harvey Oswald liked GM or Ford. The guy who tried to kill congresswoman Giffords is also a nutcase.

There are deranged Jews, Muslims, and Christian Norwegens but the central word here is deranged. The fact he calls himself sane is also irrelevant. Nut jobs of all stripes are often attached to conspiracies like 911 is an inside job. I would also add Hitler also believed in conspiracy involving the Jews. Note the heightened proportions of schizophrenics who stray into anti-semitism and other venues of racism.

At 3:58 AM, Blogger R said...

I have seen black, afhgan and people with arab/muslim names among the kids in the shooting. The black kid was on a photo of a boat, the afghan was in a hospital after being shot in both legs and the arab/muslim-named girl is missing.

At 7:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But they didn't have to invent it because he wrote the thing--and likely there was some connection, yah? in his mind between the murders and punishing Aryans he thought were race traitors...

At 10:06 AM, Blogger Chrysler 300M said...

Breivik is right, but killing so much communist youth was a little exaggerated

At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suspect that the reason that the list of those who were murdered has not been released is because there was not a single Muslim among them.

No. The reason the list isn't public yet, is because there is no list. They're still identifying the victims. They want to be sure the families of the deceased are informed. How can they release the names if they don't know who the victims are yet, or before telling their next of kin?

Bit by bit, the names are coming out, and yes, there was a 20 year old Muslim, who was one of the camp victims, he was a TV star, on Norway's version of pop idol.

At 12:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mark Steyn should explain how he expects to have a certified list of victims before the next of kin have been informed of their deaths.

Norway police to release victim's names after shooting and bomb attacks

From: AAP
July 26, 20116:35PM

POLICE in Norway are preparing to reveal the names of 68 people killed on Utoya Island during twin bombing and shooting attacks.

Oslo police chief Arnstein Gjengedal said police would release the names in ongoing announcements once the families had been notified.

"As soon as the names are verified, Oslo police district has been tasked to announce them," Oslo police chief Arnstein Gjengedal told public broadcaster NRK today.

The 68 victims were killed at a retreat of the governing Labour Party on Utoya Island, which is near Oslo.

Offspring of senior ruling party figures are believed to be among the dead.

It emerged yesterday that the stepbrother of Norway's Princess Mette-Marit - an off-duty policeman - was one of the victims of the gun attack.

The Utoya victims were among a total of 76 people killed in Friday's double attacks, which began with a car bombing in downtown Oslo that killed eight people.

Anders Behring Breivik, 32, who has confessed to the attacks, was remanded in custody by an Oslo court on Monday and was due to undergo psychiatric assessment.

At 5:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The guy says he had confederates. I wouldn't rule out a homegrown Timothy McVeigh/Posse Commitatus-style "jihadist" (ok, kampfist) network. Insanity is as insanity does--there's the insanity of a Jared Lee Loughner (certifiably schizoid) and then there's this. As a wag noted, "probably if item #2 of your political platform is an armed insurrection, you're an extremist"


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