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Friday, July 08, 2011

From where do all these people come?

Sorry to have been away so long.

Since I last wrote, I have spent an hour studying Talmud with son #3 child #6 (who will be 12 next month), spent another hour with him listening to one of Bnei Brak's most popular rabbis speak about R. Michael Yehuda Lefkowitz, took Mrs. Carl to dinner in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City, and then went to pray the evening service at the Western Wall.

I know it's the summer and it's Thursday night, but I cannot ever remember seeing the Jewish Quarter so crowded at 10:00 on an ordinary weeknight as it was tonight.

It is perhaps indicative of our present state that both Mrs. Carl and I fell deeply asleep in the taxi coming home (you do all remember that our car died and we are in the process of buying another one, right?).

I should be awake long enough to post some more tonight.

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