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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Flytilla statistics: 124 'activists' being held, 50 slip through

124 foreign 'activists' have been arrested and are awaiting deportation back to their home countries, 50 others managed to slip through Israeli immigration, and hundreds more were turned back in Europe. Those are the statistics for Friday's flytilla.

Most of the 'activists' arrived on two flights: An EasyJet flight from Geneva and an AlItalia flight from Rome or Milan. Those two flights were diverted to Terminal One (the old terminal), where passengers were questioned and those who passed the questions were taken back to Terminal 3. The 124 'activists' are being held at prisons throughout the country. Some of the 'activists' who slipped through have already clashed with IDF forces.
Pro-Palestinian activists that managed to pass border control at Ben-Gurion Airport as part of the "air flotilla" arrived in the West Bank on Saturday and were present for clashes with security forces in Nabi Saleh, Channel 2 reported.

Earlier, "Welcome to Palestine" organizers said that fly-in activists would be participating in events marking the anniversary of the International Court of Justice's ruling on the West Bank security barrier.

The statement said the European activists would be participating in demonstrations in Bil'in and Kalandiya.

The clashes in Nabi Saleh resulted in several arrests, the IDF spokesperson confirmed, but would not comment on the nationality of those arrested.

On Saturday morning, thirty nine pro-Palestinian activists that arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport were refused entry to the country and were taken to Ela Prison in Beersheba for questioning .

The Immigration and Population Authority reported that the activists arrived on a Lufthansa flight late Friday night.

124 activists have been detained in prisons around the country in total and were awaiting deportation, including 76 women and 48 men.

Police on Friday said that 69 activists had been denied entry. Four of those denied entry were sent back to their original destinations, while the rest were taken into custody until flights could be arranged, Army Radio reported.
On Saturday, Israel thanked several European countries for refusing to let the 'activists' board flights.

I mentioned on Friday that six Israelis had been arrested for trying to cause a riot at Ben Gurion Airport by protesting in favor of the 'Palestinians.' I have video of that incident.

Let's go to the videotape.

Note that there was a lot more media and a lot more police than 'activists.' Some of the media were apparently trying to protect the 'activists' who were attacked by passers-by. I saw on Twitter yesterday that uber-Leftist JPost reporter Larry Defner was arrested for trying to protect one of the pro-flytilla activists. I wonder if he'll be fired like this JPost columnist was. One can only hope.

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Why do you have so much hatred for people who risk their liberty to highlight the injustices in Palestine?


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