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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Flytilla destination: The Rachel Corrie trial?

So is this where the flytilla group will be spending Sunday and Monday?
Former Gaza Division’s Southern Brigade Commander, Colonel Pinhas (Pinky) Zuaretz – the final witness in the case – is scheduled to testify Sunday, July 10, in the Corrie civil trial against the State of Israel.

Colonel Zuaretz was the commanding officer of the Israeli military’s Gaza Division’s Southern Brigade in 2003, when American peace activist Rachel Corrie was killed.


Craig and Cindy Corrie, Rachel’s parents, will hold a press conference on Monday, July 11, at 11:00 AM at the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem to discuss the conclusion of this phase of the case, as well as next steps in their efforts to seek accountability for their daughter’s killing. They will be joined by their other daughter, Sarah Corrie Simpson and Attorney Hussein Abu Hussein. The press conference will be held in English, with attorneys available at the conclusion for brief interviews in both Arabic and Hebrew.
It's a pity that the Corrie's are so ideologically obtuse that they won't even consider the possibility that someone else is responsible for their daughter's death.

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At 1:34 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

I certainly don't think it was Israel. Then again anti-Israel morons have learned nothing from her death!

At 2:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the trial is a farce, but the israeli judicial system must be fixed...why does a civil trial take so long? allowing the corries to extend their 15 minutes


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