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Thursday, July 07, 2011

British Labor MP compares Livni to Raed Sallah

Nice country you got there in Britain. I wouldn't want to see anything bad happen to it. But if you keep electing moronic MP's who compare wimpy, peace-mongering Israeli 'opposition leaders' to Islamic terrorists, you don't stand much chance of surviving to the next century. Take British MP Ann Clwyd (Labor) for instance. Please, take her, away....
Speaking in the House of Commons on Tuesday, Clwyd said, “I find it particularly ironic that we are prepared to change the law to protect one Israeli opposition leader when another opposition leader, the Palestinian Sheikh Salah, comes here and is put straight in jail. Where is the justice in that?”

Clwyd, a member of the Labor Party, was referring to a proposed bill making its way through the UK parliament which would make it harder for private parties to obtain arrest warrants citing the principle of universal jurisdiction.

In December 2009, an arrest warrant was issued against Livni on allegations of war crimes.

Salah was convicted in 2005 of, among other offenses, aiding terrorist organizations, and served two years in prison for the felony.

Speaking to The Jerusalem Post, Clwyd refused to distance herself from the comment.

“I don’t know Raed Salah,” she said. “All I know is that he came to the UK to discuss Palestine and to promote peace and justice for Palestinians, and all of a sudden he was arrested.”

Asked whether someone convicted of aiding terrorist organizations should be excluded from the UK, Clwyd said “it’s not for me to judge.”
Is that what 'opposition leaders' do in Britain too - foment rebellion and attempt to turn the country into a Muslim Caliphate? Useful idiot.

Speaking of wimps, in an earlier post I reported on Amir Comrade Peretz's escape from Britain this past weekend. (By the way, Israel Radio just reported that Peretz escaped by taking the train to Paris). It turns out he's not the only 'dovish' Israeli who was nearly arrested this weekend. This is from the first link again.
Dovish Maj.-Gen. (res) Danny Rothschild was forced to cut short his trip to the UK following reports from the Israeli embassy in London that pro-Palestinian groups were planning to petition the county court for his arrest.

Rothschild coordinated IDF operations in the Palestinian territories in the early 1990s, during the first intifada. The attempted arrest of Rothschild allegedly came in response to Salah’s arrest last week, Army Radio said.
If these people could, they would exhume Moshe Dayan from the grave and arrest him too - after all, he was Defense Minister in 1967 and 1973, so he must have committed some war crimes too, right?

What could go wrong?

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At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Faster, Britain, faster!

You so much deserve what's heading your way.

N'kom Le'eineinu!

At 12:56 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Its funny how Israeli leftists now find themselves on the receiving end of their foreign friends' wrath.

I don't think they'll internalize the obvious lesson!

At 3:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does one connect the dots here to come to the conclusion that opposition leaders are working towards a “Muslim Caliphate”?

Anne Clywd is an MP who has spent time in Israel and the occupied territories and filed reports from there so she knows what she is talking about. She is a member of the House of Commons select committee on international development, a group that oversees humanitarian crisis' around the world.

The law on universal jurisdiction means that arrest warrants issued for senior Israeli figures can be put into action if they set foot in Britain. Sheikh Salah was not on this list.

The wimpy, peace-mongering Israeli 'opposition leaders' may describe Livni as head of Kadima from a right wing extremist point of view. But that's not why she's on that wanted list. Livni is on this list because she presided as Foreign Minister during the 2008 Cast Lead massacre and not because she was singing and clapping like some happy go lucky hippy in that picture above. 1,400 people were killed, more than half of them civilians. Sure, that is some wimpy, peace-mongering Israeli 'opposition leaders'

Moshe Yalon the military head, had to cancel his visit in 2009, I think, because he has the dubious honour of being on this list. Another wanted Israeli figure, had to remain in his El AL flight for 24 hours till it left Heathrow airport, as he couldn’t touch British soil for fear of arrest.

Religious leaders or politicians who are known for incitement or supporting extremism or terrorist acts do not gain entry to Britain. Moshe Feiglin an Israeli extremist, is banned too for this reason. Saleh was not on a visa ban list otherwise how did he get in?

Sheikh Salah was due for a meeting at the House of Commons on Wednesday with Labour MPs, on a mission that was supposed to promote peace. Now he has been detained, and will be deported.

At 4:09 PM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...


I haven't got time to answer all your points (I've answered them in the past), but:

1. I meant Sallah is trying to make a Caliphate not Clwyd.

2. Sallah was arrested because the British government wants to deport him.

3. As to your claim that 'most' of the 1,400 killed in Cast Lead were civilians, Hamas' Interior Minister begs to disagree. Oops.


That's one of the reasons Goldstone retracted.

At 4:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No end to Chayma the Muslima and her fibs.

At 7:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shy Guy why do you insist on calling me "Chayma the Muslima", Is there any reason why you find it necessary to keep reminding me of what I am? Do you think I forget my identity or what? or do you fear I will cease to be a Muslima? Why don't I address you as "Shy guy the Jew" in every comment? Would you like that? If not shut up!

And tell me what do you mean by "fibs"? I could retort that at least Hamas are more honest than Fatah then, which beggars the question (as many ask) why Hamas are isolated and Fatah befriended.

By the way, your rambling comment above had the sinister air of an inchoherent ill boding wish of some kind.

"You so much deserve what's headed your way", sounds rather ominous???

What does "N'kom Le'eineinu!" mean?

At 1:18 AM, Blogger Thud said...

Somehow I think England will survive whatever you may wish.

At 1:28 PM, Blogger Matt said...

Hi Carl,

In our defence, Clwyd is one of a handful of far-left MPs who have allowed themselves to become corrupted by the loud and persistent pro-Hamas anti-Israel brigade such as the PSC, and all of them are either Labour or on the trotski fringe of the Liberal Democrats. Labour are also finished, politically, for some years.

The main thing is that the government saw fit to exclude the Hate Sheik, whereas the previous government preferred to exclude the likes of Gert Wilders.

I appreciate that there is a lot of anti-British sentiment out there, and some of it is deserved. Our government screwed you in the Mandate years and our withdrawal was a shambles (again you can blame Labour for that!). But like every country we are subject to currents of political opinion, and by the law of statistics 50% of us are stupider than average.

Britain is a nice country - it really is - and most people harbour no ill will towards Israel. Please don't judge us based on a noisy extremist fringe (which every country has).


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