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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

IHH terrorists to ride other boats to Gaza

The Mavi Marmara may not be participating in the flotilla of fools - which is now scheduled to set sail on Saturday - but that doesn't mean that the IHH terrorists are going to skip the party. They plan to join other ships.
According to Turkish daily Gazeteport's report, and the IHH's official website, despite the fact that Mavi Marmara will not sail to Gaza in this year's flotilla, many of its activists will be placed in other participating vessels. This way, the leading organizer of the flotilla (IHH) will be taking part in the flotilla. IHH chairman Bulent Yildirim also said that currently they are in the process of purchasing a small boat in Europe, and if formalities are completed on time, the new boat would sail to Gaza.

Citing intelligence sources, the German daily Bild reported on Saturday, Iran's suspected connection with the Turkish IHH flotilla, and wrote that out of concern over this revelation Iran was holding in house arrest three of its own spies who have been in Istanbul earlier, and falsified passports and travel documents for IHH officials.
And you thought those ships were 'sold out' and couldn't take on any more passengers.

Hope they have enough life jackets on board. Heh.

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At 4:20 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

We can only hope it won't lead to another crisis between Ankara and Jerusalem.

But those determined to provoke bloodshed and unleash another round of world condemnation of Israel are ready to do it again.

Israel should be prepared for whatever the Flotilla Of Fools has in store.

What could go wrong indeed

At 4:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was once perceived as perhaps youthful and endearing(??) in its' "aw-shucks-cute" grass roots beginnings (was it ever perceived as this to anyone NORMAL?)has morphed into a yearly festival for dissidents, detractors and bigoted racists from every nation to militarily attack Israel. This is what this is.
We should not continue like this as if this were a game. I know this has become serious because it was not handled as though these people were genuine threats to the fledgling Israeli nation.
They should be arrested and charged. They will be breaking the law. They should face stiff prison sentences. This is not a game. Imagine these people militarily attacking China, Iraq, Turkey or Germany in this manner.
No more, with this tolerance. Perhaps now that Israel has newly discovered fabulous oil reserves, America will act like that ally it HAS been historically and pitch in a bit with the sinister naval posturing.
WTF. Don't any of you in the liberal media have GRANDPARENTS or relatives living over here? You really want to see us being nuked by the pissy muzzies?


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