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Monday, June 20, 2011

Has Bibi been reading Israel Matzav?

Prime Minister Netanyahu told the Bulgarian Foreign Minister on Sunday that the Europeans need to stop treating the 'Palestinians' need to like a spoiled child.
Some leaders in Europe treat the Palestinians “like a spoiled child” and instead need to “tell the Palestinians the truth,” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Sunday during a meeting with visiting Bulgarian Foreign Minister Nikolay Mladenov.

According to government sources, Netanyahu told Mladenov, considered one of the friendliest foreign ministers toward Israel in the EU, that there were individuals in the EU who never hesitated in telling Israel what they expected it to do, but were very reticent to take the same liberties with the Palestinians.

He was specifically talking about a reluctance by some in the EU to call explicitly for the Palestinians to give up on a “right of refugee return” and to recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people, even though these Europeans had no qualms about calling clearly for Israel to agree to a Palestinian state along the 1967 lines and to redivide Jerusalem.

By not speaking with the same determination or frankness with the Palestinians, Netanyahu said, these leaders were “doing a disservice to those individual Palestinian leaders who are ready for compromise and deserve their support.”

The government sources named neither the Europeans nor the Palestinian leaders to whom Netanyahu was referring.
I wonder where Bibi got that idea.

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At 10:04 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

The old Netanyahu is back and Israel's defenseless Defense Minister Barak was forced to cede his authority over settlement construction to the Prime Minister's Office.

Things are changing in Israel... and you have to wonder why.

Let's hope more positive developments are in store in the future.

At 12:02 PM, Blogger Findalis said...

You forget that the"Palestinians" are spoiled children. They know that acting like 5 year olds will get them everything they want.

This has been the truth since 1929.


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