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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Apple's new killer app

Information and Hasbara Minister Yuli Edelstein has called upon Apple Corporation to remove a new application for its iPhones called Third Intifadeh, which encourages violence against Jews.
Called “The Third Intifada,” the Arabic-language app features articles and stories by radical Arab members of Fatah and Hamas, as well as members of the Palestinian Authority. They discuss strategies to use in fighting IDF soldiers, and glorify acts of violence that have already taken place.

The app also features photos and images of Arab youths throwing stones and bombs at Israelis, and a collection of “intifada music” popular in the PA. In addition, it has a social media component, designed to allow activists to organize “flash mobs” on the go, gathering quickly at specific times and places to attack Israelis.

The app was developed by the same group that created the Facebook “Nakba Day fan page,” that was used in May to organize demonstrations and riots against Israeli police and soldiers. The page was taken down after mass complaints to Facebook.

Information and Hasbara Minister Yuli Edelstein called on Apple to withdraw the app from its online store. In a letter to Apple executives, including company director Steve Jobs, Edelstein wrote that after examining the app, “we can clearly point to this app as being anti-Israel and anti-Zionist. It clearly calls for an uprising against Israel. One of the app's objectives is to allow Palestinians to gather quickly for protests – some of them violent – that are planned."

“I believe that Apple, as a pioneering company, places the values of freedom of speech and creativity on a high level,” Edelstein continued. “At the same time, Apple is no doubt aware of the damage an app like this can cause. I ask you to please remove the app and restore your company to its preeminent place as a supplier of information and entertainment, and not to allow your good name to be used for incitement.”

Apple hasn't responded yet, but an examination of previous political controversies surrounding apps shows that Apple has removed a number that were considered offensive – including one that contained offensive drawings of golfer Tiger Woods, and another with political cartoons about which users complained.
If they don't remove it - and soon - we ought to start a boycott against Apple. This is outrageous.

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At 5:18 PM, Blogger Moriah said...

Is there a number to call...now? I don't think we should wait until they "decide" to take it down.

At 10:17 PM, Blogger voice_in_the_wilderness said...

Disgusting as this app. is...reacting to it should be approached with caution. It is produced by a Palestinian company based in Dubai and targeted at an Arabic speaking audience, therefore not likely to be of influence in forming opinion amongst the undecided.
Approaching Apple in any way would simply bring attention to the app. amongst a far wider grouping thst would ever otherwise know of its existance.

At 4:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The app is gone. Apple yanked it.



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