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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where jihadi death threats are protected speech

At Montreal's McGill University, threatening Jews and conservatives is considered 'protected speech.'

Indoctrinate U” is a documentary covering the “assault on free speech and free thought on college campuses.” During a viewing sponsored by the student organizations Conservative McGill and Libertarian McGill on campus, Khan became “agitated” by the film’s depiction of leftist indoctrination and suppression of conservative speech in academia. Khan decided that the appropriate response to the film was violent jihad.

“I feel like I’m at a Satanist ritual.” “Oh man, a Muslim girl just appeared. I thought, like me, she’s a freedom fighter. Unfortunately, she’s a co-conspirator. Traitor.” “My blood is boiling.” “I’m frightened, alarmed, and downright pissed. Never been this angry.” “This experience has hardened me into a soldier for freedom and truth.” “The jihad begins today.”

In addition to these tweets, Khan reportedly “railed against Jews and Zionists in 10 separate tweets.”

McGill University policy ostensibly protects students not only from violent threats, but also from anything that will “unnecessarily endanger” a student’s “dignity.” The policy even ostensibly protects students from “humiliation” but apparently the university does not believe conservatives, libertarians and Jews have dignity worth protecting as no disciplinary action is being taken. Preposterous? Absolutely, but wait. It gets worse.

Read the whole thing.

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