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Thursday, March 31, 2011

WaPo publishes map of Hezbullah bunkers in Lebanon

Israeli intelligence has quietly mapped out what military officials describe as roughly 1,000 underground bunkers and hidden weapons storage facilities and monitoring sites built by Hezbollah in south Lebanon. The Washington Post publishes the maps.

There were two maps published by the Post, which I assume got them directly from Israeli intelligence. Israel wanted these maps published. The one above is a message to Hezbullah. We know where you are. We know exactly what to hit and how hard we need to hit it. If you start with us, we have enough targets prepared that we will wipe you out and destroy your country. No one here will apologize for destroying Lebanese infrastructure that's been taken over by Hezbullah. No one.

And that brings us to the second map, a map of the village of el-Khiam. Does the name ring a bell? It should.

The key here is the legend at bottom right and if you can't see it clearly, by all means click through and look at the map on the Post's site. This map is directed at the West and what it shows is how Hezbullah has woven its bunkers in among hospitals, schools and mosques in the hope of encouraging civilian casualties. Israel is showing the world that when Hezbullah makes war against us - God forbid - there will be civilian casualties because Hezbullah is going out of its way to create them. Will it make a difference that Israel is warning the world in advance? I doubt it. But if I were living in Lebanon and saw this map, I would try to move elsewhere as soon as possible. Of course, that may not be possible. It's no secret that Hezbullah prevents civilians from leaving southern Lebanon to move elsewhere precisely so that they will remain human shields.

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At 5:18 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Exactly. The entire idea is to hold the Lebanese population hostage in the event Nasrallah ever decides its a good day to attack Israel and its a no lose proposition for him.

Even if he started it, he knows Israel will take the fall.

What could go wrong indeed


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