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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Poll: Turkey's enemies are Big Satan and Little Satan

Surprisingly, given the amount of bad blood that there has been between the two countries in the last year or so, a survey indicates that most Turks do not regard Israel as public enemy number one. For what it's worth, we're only second in this survey. The top position goes to Big Satan: The United States.
A total of 2,000 Turkish people took part in the opinion poll conducted by Ankara-based MetroPOLL Strategic and Social Research Center.

The results were published on February 28, 2011, the IRIB's Research Center reported.

Forty-two percent of the respondents saw the United States as Turkey's number one enemy, and 23 percent of them singled out Israel as the main enemy of the Eurasian nation.

Six percent of those polled said Greece was their country's main enemy. Four percent singled out Iraq's Kurdistan, and a tiny three percent picked Armenia.

Eight percent of the respondents chose other countries as Turkey's number one enemy, while 14 percent had no opinion about their country's worst enemy.
I hope someone remembers that the next time Turkey wants something from NATO.

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At 3:16 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

When you put those numbers in perspective, considering Turkey is ruled by the Islamist AKP regime, the regime is more hostile to Israel than the people. In every Arab country and in Iran, it is exactly the opposite.


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