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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

J Street's self-hating denying Jews

Tuvia Tenenbom had quite a weekend attending the J Street conference in Washington. He didn't get to stay at the same hotel as everyone else. He had to drink warm champagne (hey dude - it wasn't Kosher anyway). But he got to attend the J Street conference and to understand who is proud of what and what the J in J Street stands for.
J Streeters, I say to myself after spending a couple of days with them, are not self-hating Jews. A more accurate depiction would be: Self-denying Js: they would like to deny that they even are Jews. The self-denying are a grade below the self-haters. Self-haters still have a "Jew" connection. The Self-deniers have long moved away from this. To them, the "Jew" is another person, an entity that has nothing to do with them. The closest relation with which they can view themselves as Jews is that of the Darwinists to monkeys. Once upon a time when the white man was a monkey, the J was a Jew. The hate for the "Jew" here pounds deep.

How did they get this way? Hard to tell. You have rabbis here such as Rabbis for Human Rights, who in their hometowns barely get three Jews to attend their services, yet fly all over the world to criticize "Jews." The people here embrace every Arab they can find, but the Arabs -- like Muhammad --- mock them. At least the Arabs, like Mona, stand up for their people.

The Js are the children and grandchildren of those who have been expelled and slaughtered by the nations of the world for thousands of years; people who have been told ever and again that they were ugly and inhuman; people who have been denied the right to have a land of their own; people who have been described by the spiritual leaders of the world as incapable of grasping justice; people who have been called Children of the Devil by one religion and Pigs by another. The Js do not want this stigma anymore -- not for them, not for their children. The Jews, they say in their hearts, are not us: We are not monkeys anymore.

As the Conference of the Js is about to close, the organizers here have a gala dinner. I am invited to look, but not to dine. J Street, you see, has an interesting policy: Only Five star journalists are invited to dine with them. Bernd Debusmann of Reuters, for example, is invited to dine as well. Mr. Debusmann had just published an article entitled, "Who's the superpower, America or Israel?" in which he claimed that, "American presidents tend to bow to Israeli wishes." Yes, the Js obviously love journalists who spread the news that the handful of Jews who somehow survived the Holocaust malignantly control the world. Be an anti-Semite and J Street will feed you. You will even get cold champagne.
Read the whole thing.

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