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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Britain's moral imbeciles

In some earlier posts, I looked at the media's reactions to Wednesday's events in Jerusalem. Here's Melanie Phillips with the Beeb's reaction.
An interview transmitted a few minutes ago on BBC World with the Editor-in-Chief of the Jerusalem Post, David Horowitz, established what I’m sure will be the signature motif of moral imbecility with which this latest atrocity will be reported by the British and western media. The interviewer asked whether this bomb attack was most likely in response to the recent Israeli attacks on Gaza in which eight civilians, four of them children, had been killed.

After a small but perceptible intake of breath, Horowitz replied correctly that the recent atrocity of note had been the cold-blooded massacre of the Fogel family including a three-month old baby, who had had their throats slit. This had been followed by an enormous rocket and missile barrage from Gaza into southern Israel. The Israeli bombing of Gaza's terror infrastructure had been an attempt to deter further such attacks; regrettably, some Gazan civilians had been killed in the process.

Clearly, there is currently a huge upsurge in murderous violence by Arabs from the disputed territories, of which this bus bombing is but the latest example. It therefore takes a particular degree of bone-headed malevolence to view this latest attack instead as a ‘tit-for-tat' response to Israeli violence. But then, the BBC and other British and western media have all but ignored the rocket attacks, and minimised the Fogel massacre. As usual, Israeli victimisation is thus denied in an obscene moral equivalence – which invariably turns Israel from a victim attempting to defend itself into the aggressor.

But the media’s culpability does not end there with its mere perversion of journalism. The fact that it can be relied upon to blame the Israelis for their own slaughter means that the slaughterers believe they can murder Israelis with impunity – better still, that the more Israelis they murder, the more Israel will be blamed; and if Israel should take military action to stop the attacks, the world will punish Israel and reward its attackers even more.
Well, if Obama can give us moral equivalence, why not the Beeb?

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At 2:02 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

If Israel would stop being concerned with what the world thinks, innocent lives would be saved.

Unlike Netanyahu, I have no regrets over Arab deaths. That is not Israel's fault. Arabs die because their leaders think terrorizing and killing Jews is more important than their welfare.

When Israel defends itself, Arab civilians will die. It doesn't have to happen but as long as the Arabs hate Israel I expect a lot more Arabs to be killed because their leaders don't think human life is important to them.

At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

very simply...israel must stop capitulating to the terrorist regimes of the hamas and pa

one cannot make peace with those, whose culture and religion, teach them that it is a mitzvah to lie to the infidel.

the goldstone report gave hamas and the pa the out that they need

they can no do anything they want to israel...and israel is only allowed to answer with a slap on the wrist... and woe unto israel should even one arab civilian be injured in such an attack

i do not live in israel...i cannot say what you all should and should not do

but if it were me...i would tell the world to kiss my fat jewish behind and finish the job that shouldve been done in 67


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