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Monday, February 07, 2011

Hamastan pushing for action on Goldstone Report

Once again, you don't know whether to laugh or to cry.
Gaza Minister of Justice Mohammed Faraj Al-Ghoul reportedly sent a letter to UN officials last week, asking why the international body had failed to follow-up on local efforts to respond to allegations outlined in the Goldstone report.

According to a Monday report by the Hamas-affiliated Palestine Information Center, Al-Ghoul wrote that "Despite the Palestinian government's commitment to follow the report's recommendations ... authorities in Gaza have not received any response or comments" on a series of documents sent to the UN Human Rights Council.

Al-Ghoul said in his letter that the Gaza government had set up an independent board to follow-through on the recommendations of the Goldstone report, and said that thus far, had "fulfilled its obligations according to recommendations by the Human Rights Council."

The report did not say what the findings of any of the investigations were, or whether any parties were brought to trial.

Goldstone noted in his report that the launching of projectiles into Israeli civilian areas could constitute a war crime, and should be investigated.
Has anyone seen Hamastan's independent investigation? Has anyone seen its findings? Just what recommendations did they 'follow'?

This one even leaves Maan exasperated and forced to admit (part of) the truth.
Israel, which refused to participate in the Goldstone fact-finding mission, launched a military inquiry, investigated allegations of misconduct and reprimanded at least three officers.
I sense a new big lie on the horizon. What could go wrong?

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