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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Peres admitted Oslo a mistake?

Did Oslo architect Shimon Peres admit that the Oslo accords were a mistake? That's what Prime Minister Netanyahu told Congressman Gary Ackerman (D-NY) in an April 2007 conversation disclosed by Wikileaks.
"Netanyahu commented that Shimon Peres had admitted to him that the Oslo process had been based on a mistaken economic premise, and as a result European and US assistance to the Palestinians had gone to create a bloated bureaucracy, with PA employees looking to the international community to meet their payroll," Ackerman reported in a document first revealed by Channel 10 reporter Nadav Eyal.

In the same conversation with Ackerman, Netanyahu called Kadima a "fake party" and former prime minister Ehud Olmert's approach in the Second Lebanon War a year earlier "stupid." Kadima blasted Netanyahu, who took pride in being a statesmanlike opposition leader, for airing the government's dirty laundry to leaders overseas.

"Netanyahu put his political interests above those of the nation," Kadima MK Yoel Hason said. "Wikileaks exposed the tip of the iceberg of Netanyahu's empty leadership."
Anyone with eyes in their head could see that Kadima is a fake party and that Olmert's approach to the Second Lebanon War (if there was any method to that madness) was 'stupid.' As to Hasson's accusations against Netanyahu, I'd like to see Hasson fly around the world on his vacation time (and largely at his own expense) to promote the next war when he is in opposition.


There are a lot more details regarding Netanyahu's comments on Olmert and Lebanon here.

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At 3:45 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

The angle where Oslo was •not• a mistake is the same way southern Leb and Gaza were not a mistake. And that is that Israel tried (including with Oslo) basically all the things the left (inside Israel and outside) thought would work... be nicer, give more $$, etc. etc. And, as has shown up in U.S. polls and in the wikileaks re the world, even the Arab countries, these trial actions have shown the shape and depth of the swimming pool you're in. And while the left keeps obfuscating and keeps up a nauseating stream of lies, the underlying support of reasonable people for Israel to have a life (and their desire for Israel to help them) is quite remarkable. So, while Oslo didn't work the way it was intended, it did put Israel into a stronger position (because the attacks on Israel would have happened with or without Oslo).

BTW, things that have been done to Israel (except not the suicide bombers yet) are now happening on the U.S. southern border, and I will not be at all surprised when they spill over from Mexico (they just found a mass grave in Juarez and we have friends warning not to go to El Paso because shots have been fired across the border from Juarez). And Israel has shown what the U.S. govt will try to force U.S. civilians to sit under without response from the govt.

So, Israel's experiments in border protection, including Oslo, have been an enlightener in the world.


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