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Thursday, November 04, 2010

The IDF gets a big one

The IDF liquidated a major al-Qaeda terrorist in Gaza on Wednesday.
During a joint IDF-ISA operation today, November 3rd 2010, a senior leader belonging to the terror organization “Army of Islam” was targeted. During the targeted operation, the senior leader, Shati-resident Muhammad Namnam (born 1985), was killed.

Muhammad Namnam was personally involved in directing several terror attacks against Israeli targets in recent years. More recently, Namnam was involved with directing a terror attack against American and Israeli targets in the Sinai Peninsula, in cooperation with Hamas elements in the Gaza Strip.

The “Army of Islam” is a Salifist terror organization that identifies with the cause of “Global Jihad” and the terror organization Al Qaeda. As part of its activities in the Gaza Strip, the “Army of Islam” terror organization has carried out several severe attacks against Israeli targets.
Sounds like 'good riddance' to me.

The picture is from a previous car swarm.

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