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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Amr Moussa goes off the wall

In an interview published in the Toronto Star, Arab League Director General Amr Moussa goes off the wall. It's not just the usual threats to cut off the 'peace talks' if the 'Palestinians' don't get their way, and to disband the 'Palestinian Authority' (as if he has the power to do so) if the 'peace talks' are stopped. It's the list of Israeli sins that exposes Amr Moussa as the rank anti-Semite we all knew he is.
Does he really see all the kings just giving up power? Does he see Hosni Mubarak in Egypt giving up his autocratic power?

“If we succeed in solving the Palestinian problem, things will change dramatically towards social and economic development,” Moussa said. “There’ll be less threats of terrorism, less threats of violence, less regional tensions, which will open up the movement of people, more tourism, railways, highways, etc. Once we embark on it, it will happen quickly. That’s why we need peace.”

I said that sounded like an excuse.

“It was an excuse at some time and for some policies. Now it is real because we cannot move. There is a lot of tension, lot of fear that things can erupt at any time. See Lebanon, for example.”

I said that the only thing that really works across the Arab world is the elaborate security apparatus.

“Because of this problem. I sincerely believe that an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict would change the picture in the region drastically. It would introduce a new era and a new regional order.”
You got that? Because there's no 'Palestinian state,' there are autocratic rulers in Arab countries, there's terrorism and violence and there is a lack of railways or highways.

Maybe he should blame us for the weather too?

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At 5:46 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

Thick as two short planks! In muslim circles, it is the man who shouts loudest that gets the job.

At school, I was told: "Empty vessels make most noise"!

At 5:46 PM, Blogger What is "Occupation" said...

Israel should walk away from the process.

Seal off Gaza and blow open the rafah crossing..

For the West Bank?

Stake out borders and drive the Palestinians into Jordan if they protest.

What is the worst thing to happen?

The UN will be upset?

Obama will cut off aid?

The arabs, euros and russians will be pissed?

Give freedom to the fake nationalistic people who call themselves "palestinians"

Cut them loose.

Oh, btw? any violence from areas of "disputed" lands of the west bank, gaza?

Complete and utter destruction, followed by evacuation of the residents, followed by annexation.

At 9:47 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

To determine the accuracy of Amr Moussa's assertions, read this:
River War: Sudan 1898
by Winston Churchill
Read it! Or download a FREE audio version here:
And put it onto your iPod. Listen to all of the chapters 1 - 22!

Anybody who has not read this book, with its descriptions of life in the region (with Egypt and Turkey/Ottomans running amok) will be forever led around by the nose and will be a participant in ongoing horror. 1898. There was no Israel. The region was rife with slavery, rape, throat cutting, massacre of villages, starvation and on and on.

Israel has brought about a resisted upgrade to the place. Amr Moussa is creating a fantasy because the reality is so horrible.

At 11:53 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Amr Moussa is a narcissistic, anti-Semitic,worthless man, whose
biggest accomplishment is being able to maintain his position for these many years.
Let's remember, people driven by Hate are not able to really think.Hate blocks thinking.Sunlight and Juniper are correct as is
'What is Occupation',whose plan I could endorse.An Algerian Jew in NY once told me, kick all the Arabs, or Palestinians, out of Jerusalem.
No one will care.The silence will be deafening.Thank you for the Churchill reference.Read Pierre Van Paassen's "Forgotten Ally" and his other works.


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