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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Riots in Silwan

There are currently riots in Nahalat Shiloach (Silwan) just outside the walls of Jerusalem's Old City after a security guard shot a 'Palestinian' early this (Wednesday) morning.
Riots erupted in Kfar Silwan Wednesday morning after a 32-year-old Palestinian east Jerusalem resident was killed in the village by an Israeli security guard early Wednesday morning.

The security guard was driving alone in a security vehicle on his way to a settler home when residents blocked the street with trash cans and began hurling rocks at him.

The guard, fearing for his life, then allegedly opened fire with his personal firearm at a group of rock throwers and killed a resident. Police found a knife and screwdriver on the body of the victim who had a previous criminal history and was known to police.

The security guard was arrested and taken for investigation by the police.
Israel Radio's 11:00 am news reports that 'youth' are throwing rocks at police.

Both Arutz Sheva and YNet are reporting that two 'Palestinians' were killed, but there was no such report on Israel Radio or JPost and neither Arutz Sheva nor YNet gives any detail about a second victim.


At 6:23 PM, Blogger Lydia McGrew said...

You mean a second would-be-lyncherr who deserved what he got?

Hey, maybe there should be a UN investigation of whether the security guard was justified in shooting the rock-thrower/would-be-lyncher./sarc


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