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Monday, August 23, 2010

You will die laughing at Young Mattie Fein

This is too good not to pass on.

Let's go to the videotape (Hat Tip: Shy Guy)

Fein at least deserves to have her message passed on:
Go to http://MattieFein.com to donate or volunteer to elect Republican Mattie Fein to Congress and retire Democrat Jane Harman! Let's take back California's 36th District!

Mattie Fein is determined to remove the corrupt Jane Harman from office, a woman who casts votes in Congress not for the greater good, but to enrich herself and her company, Harman Industries.

Issues covered within this viral ad:

Harman's Business Ties to Iran:

In 2007, California boldly enacted legislation directing pension funds to divest of companies doing business In Iran.

This hasn't phased incumbent multi-millionaire Jane Harman. Harman's financial disclosures lists ownership of shares (approximating $5-$20 million) in Harman International. Harman International owns AKG Acoustics of Austria, which distributes electronic "dual-use" technology in Tehran under the name of Fowzi Electronics, Ltd.

Harman, through AKG, is materially assisting Iran's state sponsorship of terrorism.

AKG produces recording devices, speakers, microphones, headphones, and wireless communication devices. Much of this technology is dual-use in nature, capable of civilian or military applications.

The U.S. Army Aeromedical Laboratory has used AKG wireless communications and headsets to enhance battlefield communications or alertness through Army helmets. See Audio Helmet-Mounted Displays on website:


The Washington Post recently published an article on lawmakers conflicts of Interests, June 13, 2010 highlighting multi-millionaire Representative Harman. She initially retorted that her financial interests were "family businesses, but then sent a correction request to The Washington Post the next day rephrased the quote to be "these are companies founded by my husband." AKG was acquired by Harman International.

We haved urged multi-millionaire Representative Harman to divest her shares of Harman International. Her failure to do so is a clear indication that her worship of the "Golden Calf" takes precendence over our nation's security and its fight against state sponsored terrorism.

Harman's Opposition to Free Speech:

Jane Harman is an ardent foe of freedom of the press.

When New York Times reporters Eric Lichtblau and James Risen learned of the government's warrantless Surveillance Program targeting American citizens on American soil, Congresswoman Harman attempted to kill the story. Times spokesperson Catherine Mathis explained what happened:

"Congresswoman Harman spoke to Washington Bureau Chief Phil Taubman in late October or early November, 2004, apparently at the request of General Hayden. She urged that The Times not publish the story... Phil [later] met with a group of congressional leaders familiar with the eavesdropping program, including Ms. Harman. They all argued that The Times should not publish."

Harman's scorn for transparency and the rule of law was further underscored in passages from Lichtblau's 2008 book. She hypocritically urged stronger civil liberties safeguards in the reauthorization of the USA Patriot Act at a Committee hearing. Lichtblau approached Harman and said, "I'm trying to square what I heard in there with what we know about that [illegal Surveillance] program." He notes: "Harman's golden California tan turned a brighter shade of red...[She] grabbed me by the arm and drew me a few feet away to a more remote section of the Capitol corridor. 'You should not be talking about that here,' she scolded me in a whisper. Harman sermonized: 'The Times did the right thing by not publishing that story [in 2004]....'"

Furious that the New York Times eventually published and disobeyed her dictation, Harman stomped to ABC news and clamored for prosecuting the newspaper under the Espionage Act for its courageous reporting. Harman fails to understand that in a Republic the people censure government, government does not censure the people.

Bailouts and TARP:

Jane Harman's e-Newsletter of July 21, 2010: "The national unemployment rate remains unacceptably high, and LA County's work force is suffering. I am disappointed that the TARP program has failed to loosen credit for many local businesses and individuals, and that stimulus spending has not created more local jobs."

Well, what did Harman expect when she voted for it? That showering irresponsible but politically connected companies would somehow magically repair the economy? When did socialism ever work before?
If you're in California 36, vote for Mattie Fein.


At 10:57 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

I wonder if she is related to Harriet "Harperson" Harman, deputy Labour shadow leader and neice of Lord Longford? He was known for his admiration for the Moors Murderer- (who sexually abused some young children before murdering them and burying them on the Derbyshire moors. she never told the parents!) and tried to get her out of prison!


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