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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Six reasons not to let Iran get nukes

Christopher Hitchens has six more reasons not to let Iran get nukes that are not related to Israel's existence. Here are the ones that have the best chance (in my opinion) of appealing to Barack Obama.
1) International law and the stewardship of the United Nations will have been irretrievably ruined. The mullahs will have broken every solemn undertaking that they ever gave: to the International Atomic Energy Agency; to the European Union, which has been their main negotiating interlocutor up until now; and to the United Nations. (Tehran specifically rejects the right of the U.N. Security Council to have any say in this question.) Those who usually fetishize the role of the United Nations and of the international nuclear inspectors have a special responsibility to notice this appalling outcome.


5) There will never be a settlement of the Israel-Palestine dispute, because the rejectionist Palestinians will be even more a proxy of a regime that calls for Israel's elimination, and the rejectionist Jews will be vindicated in their belief that concessions are a waste of time, if not worse.

6) The concept of "nonproliferation," so dear to the heart of the right-thinking, will go straight into the history books along with the League of Nations.
Read the whole thing (the video at the bottom is unrelated).


At 3:49 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

All true. But does the world care?

They see it as the Jews' problem.

What could go wrong indeed


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