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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Obama afraid to come to Israel?

Shortly after the Sabbath started in Israel, London's Daily Telegraph reported that President Obama is coming to visit Jerusalem and Ramallah (Hat Tip: Gershon D).
Mr Obama, who set Middle East peace as one of his top foreign policy goals when he assumed office in 2009, will make his first visit as president to Israel and the West Bank to persuade both sides to agree to concessions for the sake of peace.
But 24 hours later, Laura Rozen of Politico tweets that it's just not so.
US official tells me "no trips in the making" re: Drudge/Telegraph headline yesterday Obama going to Israel/Ramllalah.
Aw c'mon. I want to see Obama's reaction when 300,000 Israelis come out to demonstrate against him. If you think Americans can't stand him....


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