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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Moron: 'I said it and I meant it'

By the way, no pictures tonight - the connection here is too slow and I have too little time to closing.

Earlier, I ran the story of Frank Johansson, the Finnish director of Amnesty International who called Israel a 'scum state.'

At the JPost, they had difficulty believing that the head of a 'humanitarian organization' could be such a moron. So they called Johansson up and asked him if he really believed that Israel is a 'scum state.' Here's his response.
Asked why he termed Israel a “scum state,” Johansson told the Post in a telephone interview that it was because Israel has “repeatedly flouted international law,” and due to his “personal experiences inside and outside of Israel with meeting Israelis.”

Johansson said that his remarks were not anti-Semitic. “I actually praise Breaking the Silence,” he said, referring to an Israeli organization claiming to collect and share testimonies of former IDF soldiers over human rights violations they allegedly witnessed, while rarely providing names of troops, dates and locations of these incidents.

Asked whether there are other countries aside from Israel that, according to him, meet the definition of a “scum state,” Johansson did not specify any, but noted that there are “Russian officials” who meet the criteria.

The Amnesty International official said: “I have been on record on Finnish TV as saying George Bush is the biggest executioner in the Western Hemisphere, [I] use strong language... I am writing those [blogs] in my capacity as a private person, not as an Amnesty official.”

However, Iltalehti’s Web site clearly provides readers with his title as “director of the Finnish branch of Amnesty International,” which appears above his blog.
Asked whether Johansson would be disciplined, Amnesty's London office ducked the question.
Also Tuesday, a spokeswoman for Amnesty International’s headquarters in London, Susanne Flood, told the Post in a telephone interview that “Amnesty would never use an expression like this toward the State of Israel, or any other state.”

Flood said that Johansson used the phrase “creep state” to describe Israel, rather than “scum,” as the initial English translation of the Finnish word found. Native Finnish speakers from Tundra Tabloids said the Finnish term used by Johansson to denigrate Israel is a “highly derogatory term,” and is frequently translated as “scum,” “scum bag” or “douche bag.”

Asked if AI plans to discipline or sack Johansson, Flood said she would have to check on his employment status, but noted that the organization generally does not comment on human resource matters.

Pressed if he is singling out Israel for disparate treatment – a manifestation of modern anti-Semitism according to some critics – Flood said that one “has to look at the full context of his articles.”

She added that Johansson assured her that he is not using his title to write the anti-Israeli blogs. But, when shown that his title was indeed being used in his blog, she conceded to this fact.
Maybe Marc Garlasco is looking for a job.



At 11:55 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

Amnesty international supports the so-called Cageprisoners, former inmates of Guantanamo. Namely a UK resident NOT citizen, named Moazzam Begg. This Begg was involved in terror in Afghanistan in 2001. He and some other yobs set up this group:


AI is now a supporter of terror.

At 2:18 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Call every one of these morons to the mat. Show them their words, in context. Ask them to defend them.

Only the truly insane would dare stand behind their idiocy. Nice to know such people are employed at Amnesty International. This explains, really, a great deal, about them, their reports, their attitudes.

So Israel, do yourself a favor and ignore AI. Capture their statements in blogs and to the press. When they get shrill like this ... bring these words out.

Better yet, gather up the nutbags words in context, and have a monthly press release which names them, shames them, and mocks them as they so rightly deserve to be mocked.

Will this solve anything? No. Will it provide a counter press and help diffuse future shrill agents provocateurs? You betcha. Once they realize that they are going to be made fun of for their asinine writing and commentary, they may be less likely to say such things in public. Call it a teachable moment. Held monthly. In english. In front of press. With some comedians to help out.

At 10:56 AM, Blogger KGS said...

Hey Carl, there's more


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