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Sunday, August 15, 2010

More of that Russian re-set

The Russians are spitting in President Obama's face again. They have announced plans to begin loading uranium fuel into the Iranian nuclear reactor in Bushehr next Saturday. The significance is the very fact that the Russians are doing it. Jennifer Dyer explains.
The Bushehr reactor doesn’t have the meaning to Iran’s nuclear weapons program that the Iraqi and Syrian reactors had. Although the reactor could figure in Iran’s weapons program in the future, it’s not central to the production of weapons-grade material. I very much doubt Israel regards it as necessary to strike the Bushehr installation.

But fueling the reactor and powering it up send the clearest possible political signal: that Russia and Iran feel free to do it. The uranium fuel — provided by Moscow — has been stored in Iran since 2008, but Russia has held off on preparing the reactor for operation, largely because of calculations about U.S. objections. Timing the reactor start-up to squeeze more concessions from Iran was probably a factor too.
That's the Iranian - and Russian - response to the UN sanctions. It also shows they have no fear of a reaction from President Obama and the United States.

What could go wrong?


At 9:07 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Russians could be persuaded... if Obama is willing to pay whatever price they ask. I don't think he's willing to go that far but with him you never do know.

Stay tuned.


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