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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Imam Rauf on the State of Israel

In case any of you hadn't figured it out yet....
Imam Rauf has a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem. It is not the two-state solution supported by the United States, Israel, and the Quartet. No, he believes that the “one-state solution is a more coherent one than a two-state solution.” In other words, a unitary Arab state in all of the old Palestine Mandate, the end of Israel as a Jewish state, with a Jewish minority living under the control of radical Islamists who will treat them as dhimmi.
So why is the State Department sending him to the Middle East? State Department spokesman Philip Crowley explained to Morning Joe on Monday:
“Rauf is a moderate Muslim figure here in the United States” who preaches “religious tolerance throughout the world.” Crowley went on when asked whether or not Americans should trust Imam Rauf, that “we send 1200 people” on these tours, and “50 of them are clerics.” We don’t expect they will agree with U.S. policy.” But they are all people with “broad experience” and thus help foreign audiences “understand the United States.”

So we have our answer. Rauf is the Obama administration’s and the State Department’s man in the Middle East, sent to assure his audiences that the US will be sensitive to their needs, and is ever ready to appease them in the interests of “peace.” We do all this, while the Imam tells his audiences quite the opposite .” Like them, he wants the destruction of Israel, rationalizes terrorism and accuses the United States of real terrorism against Muslims, while seeking to have his fellow Americans accept the Islamic theocracy as the regime he says is favored by the people of Iran.

How much longer can the fiction be maintained that this man and his proposed Ground Zero mosque is a moderate and a man of peace?
It has been maintained for too long already.


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