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Saturday, August 14, 2010

El Al signs marketing agreement with Jet Blue

El Al has signed a marketing agreement with Jet Blue that will allow seamless transfers with single tickets from Israel to your final destination in the US and checked baggage all the way through.
Starting in October, passengers will be able to purchase a single ticket for travel on flights of both carriers in one transaction and have connecting service between Ben-Gurion Airport and 61 JetBlue flight destinations in North America from New York’s JFK International Airport.

The agreement was signed after four months of negotiations. JetBlue CEO David Barger arrived in Israel on Thursday together with a team of executives to sign the contract.

El AL CEO Eliezer Shkedy said the new agreement would provide El Al passengers with a unique product.

“The agreement allows us to reach places that we haven’t been able to get to in the past and offers simpler and more-frequent connections through JFK Airport,” he said. “The fact that we are the fifth airline to sign such an agreement with JetBlue, after companies such as Lufthansa and American Airlines, shows that we are on the same level as the industry leaders.”

Barger and Shkedy said the agreement would enable the companies to offer competitive prices.

“Customers will enjoy the convenience of purchasing and traveling on a single ticket,” El Al manager of alliances Stanley Morias said. “On the day of travel, customers will benefit from a simplified, one-stop, check-in and easy connections at JFK Airport, where the two airlines operate out of neighboring terminals. At the airport, customers will receive boarding cards for both carriers’ flights upon check-in, and their baggage will be checked to their final destination.”
For me, the question is whose frequent flier miles do I get. But I hope that El Al will at least educate them about Tefillin.


At 5:05 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Eliezer Shkedy is a familiar name. He was the past Commander of the Israel Air Force. His experience serves him well as El Al's new CEO and he scored quite a coup with Jet Blue.

This may lead to similar marketing agreements with airlines of other countries and El Al is a member of the Sky Air international codeshare team.


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