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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crowley: 'We'll talk about it later'

State Department Spokesman Philip Crowley had this to say about an extension of the 'settlement freeze.'
In a statement he made on Monday, US State Department Spokesman Philip Crowley said that the building freeze will be discussed as part of direct talks: "The issue of settlements, the issue of the moratorium... has been a topic of discussion and will be a topic of discussion when the leaders meet with Secretary Clinton on September 2," said Crowley.
Arutz Sheva worries that this violates Prime Minister Netanyahu's 'no preconditions' demand.
Crowley’s statement contradicts Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s earlier statements when she announced the resumption of talks on Friday. Clinton had said the negotiations will take place without conditions. The Quartet's statement on Friday announcing the resumption of talks, also did not include any mention of the freeze.
I don't see the contradiction. All he's saying is that if the parties want to discuss it at the 'negotiations' they can discuss it. No one is promising the 'Palestinians' that they will get an extension of the freeze just for showing up. Heh.


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