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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pro-Obama parody of 'We are the world' still up at YouTube

Pajamas Media interviews Caroline Glick, who is behind the 'We con the world' video that was removed by YouTube for 'copyright violations' last week. I'm sure you'll all be shocked - just shocked - to hear that there's an obscenity-laced parody of the same song by pro-Obama Leftists that has been left up by YouTube - apparently without any 'objections' by the copyright holder.
Warner/Chappell, which owns the rights to “We are the World,” had YouTube remove the video, supposedly for copyright infringement. Glick, who is appealing, contends there were no violations of the fair use doctrine or U.S. copyright law. Indeed, I quickly found that YouTube hosts another parody video, “Obama’s Inauguration Party Song,” which also uses the tune from “We are the World”. Neither YouTube nor Warner saw fit to pull this video, though the lyrics are objectionable.

Glick comments about the obvious hypocrisy:
They are trying to personalize everything and demonize what they can’t contend with. The left has one card, and they play it over and over again for dealing with issues. They have no answer but to resort to the politics of destruction. Their favorite method is to call anyone who gives them an answer that they can’t contend with a racist. They cry for terrorists who would destroy them, but come out against democracies.
Here's more:
The critics of the parody show a definite disconnect with what actually happened, according to publicly available video footage of the incident. The supposed “peace activists,” some members of the terrorist group IHH (Foundation for Humanitarian Rights and Freedoms), initiated the violence. Says Glick:
Calling them peace activists is a complete lie. If you want to get some credibility you attach the word peace to your name or title, and you can get immunity to criticism. Instead of listening to the message, they are demonizing the messenger.
She continues:
There is a boycott of Israel by Hollywood and the rock world. They would rather champion a terrorist organization against Israel. Where are the Jews of Hollywood — Steven Spielberg, Barbara Streisand, and David Geffen? They will not speak out on Israel’s behalf. They care far more about being leftist than they care about being Jews.
Unfortunately, that's not much different than most of the rest of the American Jewish community. But read it all.


At 7:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly, Glick is a dummy. Read all the way through her latest JPost column.

Yeh. Rubber bullets. Sure.


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