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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not just a problem of 'perception'

Representative Ron Klein (D-Fla) tells the Palm Beach Post that President Obumbler has a problem of 'perception' with the American Jewish community over his Israel policies (Hat Tip: Jennifer Rubin).
Klein said the Obama administration is taking a correct approach against Iran, which Klein said poses the greatest threat to Israel. But Klein faulted the administration for its harsh criticism of Israel’s plans to build housing in East Jerusalem. And he said Obama needs to better explain his strategy of trying to “engage” Arab countries in seeking Middle East peace.


Jewish voters tend to vote heavily Democratic, and an estimated 78 percent voted for Obama in 2008. Asked if he sees Obama losing Jewish support, Klein said, “I think there are a lot of people that are questioning. I’ve heard some people, a lot of conversations.”

Klein said Obama’s critics have tried to “exaggerate things that are out there. But, there’s definitely a perception problem and that’s something he has to deal with.”

Klein said Obama’s Middle East policies have been a departure from former President Bush’s.

“It can certainly be argued for the Bush Administration that President Bush just gave green light, green light, green light, green light to whatever Israel did. And that probably was not necessarily the right thing for the United States and some people have argued it wasn’t the right thing for Israel,” Klein said.

“President Obama has taken probably an approach which is more engaged in trying to get a peace process going by trying to engage a lot of the other Arab countries in a more direct way…I support this, I view this as a correct approach. It doesn’t mean you’re going to trust them. It doesn’t mean you’re going to give in to them but you certainly extend the opportunity and if they snub you or they spit at you then you know where you stand. But I think in terms of a peace process, you have to have the Arab countries engaged.”

Obama needs to better explain this strategy, Klein said.
Correct approach on Iran? Obama has now been in office for 18 months pursuing Iran like a jilted lover and all he has to show for it is another ton of enriched uranium, fouled relations with Turkey and Brazil and a meaningless sanctions resolution that pushes the barn door shut half an inch after the cow is out. That sounds like more than a perception problem.

I'm glad at least Klein is critical of Obama's attacking Israel for building in 'east' Jerusalem (presumably the reference is to Ramat Shlomo, a Jewish suburb surrounded by Jewish suburbs with a strategic view of all of the city's highways and a location in northern Jerusalem). But maybe he ought to do more about that than just let it ride.

Engagement with Syria? That brought an Ahmadinejad - Assad - Nasrallah summit in Damascus after which Assad flipped the bird at Obama. That sounds like more than a perception problem.

Do we need to go on to show that the problems are real and not just 'perception'?

But Jennifer Rubin is right. Nearly all of the 78% of American Jews who voted for this Muslim-loving Jew-hater the last time out will enter the polling booth in a catatonic stupor in 2012 and vote for Obama again. Just like they will instinctively pull the ballot for Klein in 2010 and 2012 without even reading his name because he's "the Democrat" and Jews vote for Democrats.

What could go wrong?


At 1:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...





Who could've imagined!

At 5:15 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Rep. Klein says Bush gave a green light to things not good for Israel. He's right!!!!!! Who knew...

- Green light for pulling all Jews out of Gaza, creating a Judenrein enclave.

- Green light for leaving the greenhouses, which were stripped down for rocket building materials.

- Green light for sitting still while the citizens of Sderot and other nearby areas had the sh$% bombed out of them. (And this still goes on today!)

- Green light for hesitant fighting of Hezbollah in '06 because of Condeleeza"s interfering phone work.

- Green light for 1701, which set up the U.N. as human shields or facilitators to help Hezbollah re-stock.

- Green light for the Euros (masters of the round-up, camps, and extermination of Jews) to be put in charge of the Philidelphi corridor and other Gaza related tasks (more human shields, until they ran away to Israel).

- Green light for the U.S. military training the next wave of Israel-attackers in the West Bank.

- Many green lights, Rep. Klein.

And now Rep. Klein and his fellow travelers are in support of President Obama's more direct approach to doing in Israel. What is wrong with these people.

At 7:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


when you use terms like "muslim loving jew hater"...you lose me

you are making the same error that the republicans are

one should not demonize ones opponent


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