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Friday, June 18, 2010

Fatah: No need for Hamas to renounce violence or recognize Israel

With the 'good terrorists' of Fatah and much of the West pushing for a reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah, Fatah has cut the 'bad terrorists' a significant amount of slack. 'Moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen has reaffirmed that Hamas need not recognize Israel or renounce violence in order to reconcile the two groups' differences.
Asked to comment on claims by Hamas that the PA was demanding that the Islamist movement recognize Israel’s right to exist as a condition for achieving reconciliation between the two parties, Shaath said: “This is completely untrue. We have never asked Hamas to recognize Israel’s right to exist. Nor have we demanded that they accept the conditions of the Quartet.”

The Quartet has repeatedly demanded that any Palestinian government renounce violence, recognize Israel’s right to exist and respect previous agreements between the PLO and Israel as a condition for receiving Western aid.

Shaath, in an interview with the Jordanian daily Ad-Dustour, explained that the PA was only demanding that Hamas allow it to conduct peace talks with Israel.

“We want the proposed unity government to be committed to the PLO’s political program, as was the case with the unity government under Ismail Haniyeh,” he said.

“The peace negotiations will be conducted by the PLO. That’s all we’re demanding.”

Shaath said that he has been urging European governments to drop their demand that Hamas accept the Quartet’s three conditions.

“All the Arab and Islamic states that don’t recognize Israel have agreed to the Arab Peace Initiative,” he noted.

“Acceptance of the initiative and a cease-fire [with Israel] is therefore sufficient.”

Shaath claimed that there was a difference between Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip and those in Syria.
What could go wrong?


At 3:39 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

Someone please tell the Israeli gov!!

At 4:48 PM, Blogger nomatter said...

This is the same Fatah billions of U.S tax payer dollars have been lavished upon.

This is the same Fatah who George W. Bush whitewashed til there was no white paint left. (while demonizing Israel telling the world "Israel are occupiers who cause 'daily humiliation' of the Palestinians." Oh yah baby, and don't forget your 'best good friend' is admonishing you to not make the Palestinian state anything but 'viable, contiguous and not resembling swiss cheese!'

The same Fatah who under the nose of George Bush produced a new revised map of Israel showing all of Israel, Palestine. The same Fatah who STILL proudly displays that map! SHOCKA!!

The same Fatah the U.S military under the order of George W. Bush, commander and chief trained the Fatah security forces who under the nose of the U.S military and then occupier of the White House, marched to the Nazi Goosestep. NOT IN HIDING,but IN CLEAR VIEW.

The same Fatah whose leader a certifiable denier of the Holocaust who learned his art in the Munich massacre was called by George W. Bush, "a great leader and a man of peace."

Bush knew what Abbas and Fatah was up to. So does the now evil, narcissistic Islamist Jew hater, Obama. However, screw Israel because of the House of Saud is the ultimate director in chief.

Stop the crocodile tears because Fatah proclaims hamas need not renounce violence or recognize Israel. No mass rallies by conservatives when Bush was in office. Barely a ripple. This is what silence due to partisan politics will get you.

Please, don't shed a tear for Jerusalem either. Bush promised in his first week of office to sign the embassy act and for that 8 years into his presidency he failed to do it!
He didn't sign it because of Abbas, Fatah, The U.S state department,the HOuse of Saud,his quartet for peace, etc.,etc. Each time he declined signing they proclaimed joy!

Wonder why the Bush administration failed to send even the lowest level flunky of his administration to the Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem? (a loud and clear message)
He didn't because of Abbas, Fatah, The U.S state department,the HOuse of Saud,his quartet for peace, etc.,etc. In the mean time the so-called NEO-CON's did nothing about it.

Make no mistake, Abbas and his Fatah (wolves/Hamas in sheep's clothing)can say and do as they please, BECAUSE THEY CAN.

If we cry for where we are now under the nose of Obama, we are willful idiots to not recognize how we got here. For that, we have learned nothing. And yes, even we conservatives are then nothing more then "stupid." You can try over and over again to paint who is worse but in the end, how we got here matters the most.


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