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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Abu Mazen's new propaganda line

'Moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen met with 30 American Jewish leaders in Washington on Wednesday night, and started pushing a new propaganda line: That he would never deny Jews their right to the land of Israel.
When asked what he could offer Israelis to show that he was serious about peace initiatives, Abbas reminded the participants that he had addressed the Israeli public in an interview on Channel 10. "Why wouldn't Bibi go to Palestinian TV and do the same?" said the Palestinian president.

"I would never deny [the] Jewish right to the land of Israel," Abbas then declared.

Later on Wednesday, Abbas told Charlie Rose in an interview on PBS that Israel must agree to ceding East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital as a necessary precondition for any peace settlement.

"East Jerusalem is occupied territory. The entire world recognizes that including the United States of America," Abbas told Rose. "We cannot accept any solution that excludes East Jerusalem."
I have three comments. First, if Abu Bluff recognizes the Jewish right to the land of Israel why does he deny the Jewish right to 'east' Jerusalem by calling it 'occupied territory'? Oh, that's right, Abu Bluff denies that the two Jewish Temples ever existed, doesn't he?

Second, if Abu Bluff would never deny the Jewish right to the land of Israel, does that mean we won't be seeing any more pictures like the ones in this post (which show Abu Bluff in front of maps that show the entire land of Israel - from the River to the Sea - as 'Palestine')?

And third, when will Abu Bluff be going on 'Palestinian' television to tell the 'Palestinian people' in Arabic that he cannot deny the Jewish right to the land of Israel? What's that? He won't be? At least not while he's alive? I didn't think so.

So did the 'American Jewish leaders' fall for this line? At least one apparently did.
"I am sure some people don't agree with him but the fact that everybody showed up was pretty encouraging," one of the participants told Haaretz..
Encouraging of what?


At 4:20 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Abu Bluff needs to make his case to the people of Israel. But he can't because he knows if he does, his life expectancy will be cut short. It doesn't take much courage to tell American Jewish leaders what he thinks they want to hear. It takes a great deal of courage to pull off a Sadat and tell his own people they have to live with a Jewish State in peace. Abu Bluff is many things but a Palestinian Sadat he isn't.

What could go wrong indeed

At 4:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...




At 4:59 PM, Blogger nomatter said...

Abu Mazen is able to spew propaganda because of the cleansing techniques bestowed upon him. Billions of $$ and downright lies were invested in this HOLOCAUST DENIER After all he is not just 'moderate' but a certifiable 'MAN OF PEACE.'

If we are repelled by his propaganda lines we need to judge our 'friends' not just our foes for the fact they gave him the arrogance he needed to spew such BS. If we don't learn from this lesson we have learned nothing.

It was the thorough cleansing of Abu Mazen that the embassy act 'campaign promise' never came to fruition! We whine about Jerusalem our beloved city yet it was the thorough cleansing of Abu Mazen that no representative of the Bush administration was sent to the ceremonies of the anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem!

The sleazy Abu Mazen who wears the cheap western suit on his back claims East Jerusalem because he can! Furthermore, not even one of the "powers that be" (friends and foes alike) ever exposed Abu Mazen for his goal hidden in his 'trojan horse' not even when he sanctioned a poster which showed ALL OF ISRAEL, PALESTINE!! (http://www.zoa.org/sitedocuments/pressrelease_view.asp?pressreleaseID=273)


And we are shocked about Helen Thomas, Obama and others???

“Bush also stated in his Ramallah press conference that “my message to the Israelis is that they ought to help, not hinder, the modernization of the Palestinian security force. It’s in their interests that a government dedicated to peace and understanding the need for two states to live side by side in peace have a modern force ... And to the extent that Israeli actions have undermined the effectiveness of the Palestinian force, or the authority of the state relative to the average citizen, is something that we don’t agree with and have made our position clear.”

LOL, the U.S. trained security forces who march to the NAZI GOOSESTEP.(by the approval of our 'friend') A reminder I remind you, that when 'friends' sleep with a Holocaust denier what can we expect from our enemies but the crap we are getting now? Back in 2003 according to ZOA,Palestinian Authority, Under Abu Mazen's Leadership, Names Summer Camp After Terrorist and his CONTINUED UNABATED rampage to name streets and give honors to those who slaughtered Jews never stopped!

For that and so much more, the lease on the NY office of the PLO continued to be signed.

...all a warning sign to trust no one, not even 'friends.'


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