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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Jewish Left's big lie

Jonathan Mark has one of the best critiques of Joel Beinart I've seen yet. Here's some of it.
I'm fine with any critique of the Jewish establishment from serious Jews and serious journalists, people who deeply love Israel and disagree with its policies. Not acceptable, though, are the assimilationists and anti-Israel -- yes, let's call them that -- leftists who piggy-back on the legitimate Jewish left as a beard to cover their loathing of all things Jewish and Israeli. They are the ones who say they can't enjoy the Salute to Israel Parade or the flag because of the mean ol' Israeli government.

And yet, they never showed up for anything celebrating Israel no matter who was prime minister. They say they show their love for Israel by criticizing it. In what other way have they ever displayed any love for Israel? In no other way.

Basically, we're talking about those assimilationists who have rejected Judaism and prefer to blame Judaism for rejecting them. They are usually identified as self-hating Jews, self-loathing Jews, but it more of a cult of self-pity -- always complaining that they were never coddled enough by the so-called Jewish establishment. Now it is fashionable for them to blame Israel. Their motto is , "Ask not what I can do for Israel, ask what Israel can do for me." What Israel does for them now is to give them an alibii for abandoning Judaism. Their alibi is that they are being stifled, they say the "establishment" (what an adolescent word for them to use) stifles debate. This from the people who tried to stop Ambassador Michael Oren from speaking at Brandeis.

The other week Gil Kulick, of J Street's advisory board. was invited to speak at the Riverdale Temple. As reported by Paulette Schneider of the Riverdale Review, Kulick said, the purpose of J Street is to give voice to those who are "intimidated" by what he called the taboo against expressing criticism of Israel. How is he "intimidated" and where is the taboo if one of the most venerable temples in the city invited him to address the congregation?
Read it all.


At 2:22 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The only thing that comes to my mind is only the Far Left in Israel never has has anything positive to say about the country. To be sure, there are things wrong with Israel but why not mention many of the things right with it: faith, genius, dynamism, initiative, and freedom? One needs to have a checklist and see all the good Israel has done in Jewish life. But we're aren't hearing that from them and the American Jewish Left at all today.

At 4:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Count on Evangelicals for now and as many old-school Jews who do not worship the idol of leftism. And move with all desperate haste to get some traction going with ex-allies of the United States such as India and S. Korea as a backup should Obama lurch into full-Monty appeasement mode with the Arab and EU and UN dogs nipping at Israel's heels. The Jewish left? It's like debating one year olds proud of their own poopy. Fuggedaboudit.


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