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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ari Shavit's nervous breakdown

Just yesterday, he told Binyamin Netanyahu that he has to offer up the Golan as a sacrifice so that the United States will take care of Iran. Today, he says that the United States and Israel have to prevent war, but that the United States has to limit itself to 'reasonable' demands on Israel. What is with Ari Shavit?
The conclusion is clear: The essential task now in the Middle East is the prevention of war. That's not the same as pursuing peace. Sometimes it's precisely the attempt to achieve an unattainable peace that ignites a war. In the current sensitive situation, there must be no illusions and no mistakes. Political correctness must not be allowed to cause a historic disaster. And when the glasses of political correctness are taken off, a clear picture emerges. To prevent war in the Middle East, the United States and Israel must show strength and generosity, deterrence and moderation. Together they must promote a cautious and gradual diplomatic process that will weaken the region's extremists, strengthen its moderates and curb Iran. They must maintain the democratic alliance that has stabilized western Asia for two generations.

The main responsibility now rests with the United States. The Netanyahu government has made many mistakes over the past year, but so has the Obama administration. The latter has wasted 15 precious months in dialogue with Iran without imposing any sanctions and maintaining the illusion of an immediate Israeli-Palestinian peace. The open, unilateral pressure Washington has exerted on Jerusalem has both distanced peace and brought war closer. Therefore, if the Obama administration does not want the next war to be named after it, it must urgently change its policies. It must demand the possible from Israel, not the imaginary. It must demand what is essential from Iran. It must show determined and sober leadership that will prevent war now and lead to peace tomorrow.

The volcano that erupted last week in Iceland will be nothing compared to the volcano that could erupt in the near future in the Middle East. But the volcano here is a human one. People are stoking it and people can also cool it down. The lives of hundreds of millions now depend on the wisdom and careful consideration of one man: Barack Obama.
The problem, however, is that preventing war probably means giving up on all of the other interests whose importance Shavit acknowledges in the same article.

Read the whole thing.


At 8:21 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Ramat Shlomo for Natanz? What a world we live in.

At 9:20 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

For extreme Israeli Leftists, the notion Jerusalem should be Israel's eternal and complete capital is no longer a matter of national consensus.

There was a open letter released Thursday calling for the city to redivided between the Jews and the Arabs. Ironically, enough, it goes under the Orwellian-sounding title a Just Jerusalem.

Drafted in response to the Elie Wiesel ad,last week, notable signers include Avi Margalit, Zeev Sternhell and yes we've met him on here before Avraham Burg - one of most radical post Zionists and avid haters of the State Of Israel.

The holiness of Jerusalem and its significance to Jewish history can no longer be taken for granted. If we are not surprised Jews have had a nervous breakdown on whether Israel should even exist at all any more, why should we be surprised when those same Jews loathe the notion of continued Jewish sovereignty over all of Jerusalem?

Akiva Eldar has the details here: Leftists To Elie Wiesel: Occupied Jerusalem Can't Be Holy

What a world we live in - where Jewish anti-Semites consider the city of Jewish longings and history as just another piece of real estate to be disposed of for the right price.

What could go wrong indeed


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