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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thai worker killed by Kassam; Israel vows severe response

A Thai worker in Netiv HaAsara was killed on Wednesday afternoon by a Kassam rocket shot by 'Palestinian' terrorists. Israel has vowed a severe response. An al-Qaeda affiliated faction took credit for the attack.

European Foreign Policy chief Baroness Catherine Ashton crossed into Gaza just a few minutes before the attack. The despicable Ashton could not even bring herself to condemn the attack unequivocally.
"I condemn any kind of violence. We have got to find a peaceful solution to the issues and problems," she said. She was the most senior international official to visit Gaza in more than a year.

Ashton did not meet with Hamas officials.

"What we have been saying to the Israelis for a long time is that we need to allow aid into this region, to be able to support the economy to grow for people to have the things they are clearly lacking," she told reporters.
She's from the Yasser Arafat/Abu Mazen school of terror: Condemn all terror but not the specific attack.

Here's hoping that Israel goes in there and gives them something to complain about. It will take people's minds off Ramat Shlomo for a while.

And as Ashton's complaint that Gaza needs more aid, Gaza gets more aid than Haiti.
Shrybman writes:
A USAID and DOD report calculating the aid sent to the quake-raved Haiti noted that, as of last month, all US government programs provided just over $700 million in aid, nearly $200 million less than to the terrorist-controlled Gaza Strip.
And I assume that's just the last year's worth.


At 10:14 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The world hates the Jews. Oh and its not upset over the death of a Thai - he wasn't a Jew - just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Still, its commiseration of Gaza should viewed in the light of how it regards Jews. That's the real litmus test. As long as the world subjects Israel to a different standard, we can consider it a manifestation of the Jew hatred so rampant in the world.


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