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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Key Hamas terrorist arrested, Hamas threatens to retaliate

Over the weekend, the IDF arrested Mahar Udda, who is responsible for the deaths of some 70 Israelis, including Dr. David and Nava Appelbaum HY"D who were murdered in Cafe Hillel in Jerusalem on the night before her wedding.

Hamas is furious, and although they accuse the 'Palestinian Authority' of assisting Israel (which may or may not be true), they are threatening to take revenge against Israel.
Hamas said in a statement that “conflict is our strategic choice, and it will awaken in full power in the West Bank, despite this setback.” The statement also accused the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority administration of telling Israel where to find Udda, whom Israeli security forces have been searching for over the past ten years.
I don't know what Hamas is so upset about. Udda will just be released in some future 'prisoner exchange' anyway.

For more details on the terror attacks that Udda planned see this post about his partner in murder, Ibrahim Hamid, who was arrested four years ago. They share responsibility for many of the same attacks.


At 7:25 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Interesting side-note: both Maher Ouda and Ibrahim Hamed were dealt with a lot in the second Intifada portion of "Son of Hamas"


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