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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Another crack in the 'settlement freeze'

Here's another crack in the 'settlement freeze.'
During a meeting with Haredi religious Minister Yakov Leitzman, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reportedly told the latter that, in light of the lack of housing for the Haredi public, he would re-consider the freeze on construction in Haredi cities located in Yesha.

I was in town on Thursday afternoon and I saw signs for a mass protest against the 'freeze' in Paris Square (the Prime Minister's official residence) in Jerusalem next Wednesday night. Buses from all over the country as usual.


Here's another crack:
In another effort to placate angry settlement leaders, Barak vowed on Wednesday to restore mayors' power to approve minor renovation projects such as enclosing balconies or building pergolas over a porch - powers they had initially lost under last week's cabinet decision on a settlement freeze.

Barak made the promise at a meeting with settlement mayors following a day of clashes throughout the West Bank between settlers and the inspectors enforcing the freeze.


At 6:27 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Israeli government miscalculated by freezing normal life in the revanants and then it stupidly went after Haredi cities like Beitar Illit. That united people who have nothing in common with national religious Zionists against the "freeze." The cracks are going to widen and the fact the government is backing down shows complete enforcement is going to be impossible. Not only that but Shas is refusing to allowing inspectors from the Housing Ministry it controls to cooperate with the Civil Administration in freeze enforcement. There are increasing signs it was done in haste and nothing was thought through.

Cracks indeed. Heh


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