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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Time's up on Iran

Caroline Glick's weekly JPost column reviews much of the material I have published on this blog in the last 2-3 weeks (the Uzi Rubin piece she discusses is here). But the bottom line is that time's up for negotiating with Iran and time's up for sanctions. Like John Bolton, Glick has concluded that Israel has no choice but to strike. Here's why:
ALL IN all, the totality of Iran's moves make clear that it is not interested in using its nuclear program as a bargaining chip to gain all manner of goodies from the West. It is planning to use its nuclear program as a means of becoming a nuclear power. And it wishes to become a nuclear power because it wishes to wage war against its enemies.

And all in all, the totality of the UN-led international community's responses to Teheran's moves make clear that the world will take no effective action to prevent Iran from gaining the capacity to wage nuclear war. The world today will again do nothing to prevent the genocide of Jewry.

And that's the thing of it. So long as the mullahs continue to signal that the Jews are their first target, the world will be content to allow them to build their nuclear weapons and to use them. As US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's contention that the US will retaliate against Iran if it launches a nuclear attack against Israel makes clear, Washington will only consider acting against Teheran after the US moves to the top of Teheran's target list.

The question then is whether Israel has the ability to effectively attack Iran even if the US opposes such a strike. Based on open source material, the answer to this central question is yes, Israel can launch an effective strike against Iran.

Over the past several years, the IAF has demonstrated that it has the power-projection capability to reach Iran's nuclear installations, strike and return home. The key nuclear installations have been visited by IAEA inspectors. They are not hundreds of meters underground. They are not invulnerable to ordnance Israel already possesses. They can be destroyed or at least severely impaired.

The route to Iran is also open. Various leaked reports indicate that Saudi Arabia has given Israel a green light to overfly its airspace en route to Iran.

Finally, consistent polling data shows that the Israeli public understands the need for a strike and would be willing to accept whatever consequences flow in its wake. The public will support a government decision to strike even if the strike is not a one-off like the 1981 IAF strike that destroyed Iraq's Osirak reactor. The public will support the government even if the strike precipitates a condemnation by the US and a resumption of hostilities with Lebanon and even with Syria.

With each passing day, Iran moves closer to the bomb and closer to initiating war on its terms. The international community will do nothing to preempt this danger. Israel must act. Fighting a war on our terms is eminently preferable to fighting one on Iran's.
Read the whole thing. Kind of ironic that our salvation from Iran may come by way of Saudi Arabia, isn't it?


At 7:45 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

As I've mentioned previously, Israel can paralyze Iran's ability to attack by detonating an EMP warhead at low altitude over Iran. It could be delivered by a Jericho II missile. Not one Israeli pilot's life would have to be on the line. For Israel, its not a question of means but of courage. Taking action against Iran will deal a blow to attempts to destroy the Jewish State. Israel has to address the nuclear threat soon - no one else will do it.


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