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Thursday, July 23, 2009

What if Israel did that?

Michael Goldfarb asks the obvious question arising out of King Abdullah's announcement that he is revoking the 'Jordanian' citizenship of 'Palestinians' living in 'Jordan.' What if Israel did that? (Hat Tip: Hot Air).
Where is Glenn Greenwald's perpetual outrage? Oh, that's right: He's a courtier when it comes to the Jordanian monarchy. Greenwald has in the past praised Jordan's Queen Noor for providing commentary that is "extremely insightful and articulate, virtually never heard (as the participants note) on American television, and underscores how unbalanced and incomplete is the debate most Americans hear concerning this issue of vital importance to American intersts (i.e.:virtually unquestioning American support for Israeli actions)." Queen Noor hasn't blogged at HuffPo yet on her stepson's decision to strip Palestinians of their citizenship, but we're guessing she supports it. Will Greenwald-- in the name of justice for the Palestinian people -- speak up?

How about Joe Klein? In just the last few weeks he's traveled to Syria, where he met with Hamas head-honcho Khaled Meshall (Klein said he asked a "good question" about whether the U.S. would bring enough pressure to bear on Israel) and to Iran to cover that country's elections (Klein was pleased to report that the country was "breezy with freedom). Despite his obviously deep interest in the Middle East -- and the success of the peace process -- Klein had nothing to say on reports out of Jordan, though he did claim on Monday that "Israel is the prime impediment to progress in the Middle East." Jeffrey Goldberg once wrote that Klein "derives great pleasure from criticizing Jewish supporters of the Iraq War -- the Wolfowitzes, Perles and Feiths -- in specifically Jewish terms." So maybe there's no pleasure for him in reporting on the mistreatment of Palestinians at the hands of the Abdullahs of the world.
Read the whole thing. What's more amazing than the lack of reaction by the Leftist bloggers and pundits is the lack of reaction by the Leftist politicians. How come no one asks about this at the State Department briefings or at the Obumbler's press conferences?


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